Davey Boy Smith Jr. On The Fast-Track For MLW World Title Bout

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Davey Boy Smith Jr. On The Fast-Track For MLW World Title Bout

davey boy smith jr

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Davey Boy Smith Jr. had one hell of 2019 in MLW, winning a string of matches and then capping off the year by winning the returning Opera Cup. Davey Boy didn’t let the hot streak cool down as the calendar turned to 2020 and continues to get monumental wins in the company, particularly against the rogue CONTRA Unit. Davey is set to get a MLW World Title shot against CONTRA’s Jacob Fatu, but according to a new piece on MLW.com, that match could be happening quite soon.Since last July Davey Boy Smith has been in the mix for a showdown with the World Heavyweight Championship. Winning the 2019 Opera Cup all but clinched a bid for the championship.

MLW.com can confirm that league officials are in discussions with Smith and CONTRA Unit to make a World Heavyweight Championship bout a reality in 2020.

In what would be one of if not the biggest title fights of the year, both men have longed to face off against one another.

Smith has been fixated on picking off each member of CONTRA Unit dating back to the savage attack on his cousin in November which contributed to the World Middleweight Championship landing in the hands of Myron Reed.

Since then, Smith has defeated CONTRA’s Simon Gotch in a No Holds Barred fight and even unloaded a few fists on Fatu during an altercation in Dallas.

Now two of the most dominant heavyweights seem set on a collision course.

In an exclusive, League officials expect a bout sheet to be signed “within weeks” which puts this dream title match on a fast track for becoming a reality.

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