Davey Boy Smith Jr. Attacked By CONTRA Unit While In Canada (Video)

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Davey Boy Smith Jr. Attacked By CONTRA Unit While In Canada (Video)

Davey Boy Smith Jr

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Davey Boy Smith Jr. felt the wrath of CONTRA Unit up in his home state. The MLW Opera Cup Champion was up in Calgary to speak with some of the young hockey talent after receiving an invite by the NHL and was suddenly ambushed by Simon Gotch while he was confronted by Josef Samael. You can see the entire clip below:

Davey Boy Smith Jr. was invited by the NHL to speak to players in Canada at a practice facility… only for CONTRA Unit to strike. More details at www.MLW.com.

In addition to that, MLW released some news on their website that CONTRA released a propaganda released video that is very graphic that “congratulates” Davey Boy on his Opera Cup win.

“CONTRA Unit has put out a propaganda-laced video congratulating the Opera Cup winner, Davey Boy Smith Jr., on his his victory.”The propaganda video featured graphically violent material that the league refuses to disseminate, per the demands of the group identifying themselves as the “global dealers in violence.””MLW.com can confirm the video featured rhetoric with the international cabal vowing to unleash more “violence without borders.”

“What does that mean? Only CONTRA Unit knows but the league and its athletes remain vigilant.”

This all occurred after news got around that Davey Boy was eyeing the MLW Heavyweight Gold held my the massive CONTRA force in Jacob Fatu.

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