Dave Bautista Praises “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt

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Dave Bautista Shoots on Bray Wyatt

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That is one other lovable prowrestler! attain you never peruse attain you ever peruse Rada legislation appreciate I haven’t watched in a long time but yeah I I wasn’t staring at you know roughly there anyone that knew guys that you just treasure lazy oh effectively the unusual guys that I did treasure they’re no longer in actuality unusual anymore I’m very Wyatt you know he became once improbable I love all the pieces about that you just know he’s the champ upright now oh yeah yeah I love all the pieces about him yeah yeah I’d hold cherished to a Forks with him he’s a huge boy – he’s deceptively huge treasure him on TV BC muscle or athletic yes he can perambulate a exiguous bit kid – yeah he’s quite a bit treasure you he can perambulate as a huge man that you just might maybe work and I in point of fact are simply treasure them mm-hmm no I judge he’s a amusing exiguous boy he’s realizing you know nothing real pretentious about him yeah it’s roughly you know simply desires to perambulate 100 fits mhm and I judge he’s simply natty talented but he’d be on the pause of my checklist you know you
Meet this qualified shooter and wrestler.

Dave Bautista Praises “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt

Dave Bautista Praises