Dave Bautista Aims to Make Directorial Debut with First Film in 2025

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Dave Bautista has made a name for himself in Hollywood by starring in movies such as Dune, Spectre, and the Guardians of the Galaxy series.

Bautista is looking to evolve and begin directing, something he discussed in a new interview with Screen Rant.

“I’ve wanted to direct for years. For a while, I was looking for a project that I could direct because it’s got to be very contained. I’m not looking to be a blockbuster director. I want to direct what I like. As a fan, I really am drawn to indie dramas. I like inspiring stories. I like deep emotional stories. For years I looked for a script, the right one for me, and I finally just came up with my own idea. So now I’m searching for writers but I will. My plan is to sometime in 2025 direct my first film.”

Dave Bautista, known for his roles in Hollywood blockbusters such as Dune, Spectre, and the Guardians of the Galaxy series, is now setting his sights on a new challenge – directing. In a recent interview with Screen Rant, Bautista revealed his aspirations to step behind the camera and helm his own film.

Bautista expressed his long-standing desire to direct, stating that he has been searching for the perfect project for years. He emphasized that he is not interested in becoming a blockbuster director but instead wants to focus on directing films that align with his personal taste. As a fan of indie dramas, Bautista is drawn to inspiring and emotionally rich stories.

The actor-turned-director explained that he had been on the lookout for a script that resonated with him but eventually decided to take matters into his own hands. He has come up with his own idea for a film and is currently in the process of searching for writers to collaborate with. Bautista’s goal is to make his directorial debut sometime in 2025.

This announcement showcases Bautista’s passion for storytelling and his desire to explore different aspects of the filmmaking process. While he has already established himself as a successful actor, Bautista’s decision to venture into directing demonstrates his commitment to personal growth and artistic expression.

Transitioning from acting to directing is not uncommon in the entertainment industry. Many actors have successfully made the leap and have gone on to create critically acclaimed films. Directing allows artists to have more creative control over their projects and offers a new platform for self-expression.

Bautista’s interest in indie dramas suggests that he is drawn to intimate and character-driven narratives. This genre often explores complex emotions and delves into thought-provoking themes, providing a unique opportunity for Bautista to showcase his directorial skills and storytelling abilities.

As Bautista embarks on this new chapter of his career, fans and industry insiders will undoubtedly be eagerly anticipating his directorial debut. With his experience in front of the camera and his passion for compelling stories, Bautista has the potential to make a significant impact as a director.

While 2025 may seem far off, the time and effort Bautista invests in finding the right script and assembling a talented team of writers will undoubtedly contribute to the success of his directorial debut. As he continues to establish himself as a multifaceted talent in Hollywood, Bautista’s journey into directing will undoubtedly be one to watch.