Dasha Gonzalez Reflects On Her Career, The Differences Between AEW And WWE, And More

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Dasha Gonzalez Reflects On Her Career, The Differences Between AEW And WWE, And More

AEW Dark

AEW personality Dasha Gonzalez recently appeared on Talk Is Jericho and discussed several topics, ranging from her career as an announcer to her time with AEW. Here are some highlights:

On her favorite interviews :

Gonzalez: “There was this one interview I did with Mojo Rawley when he had won the Andre the Giant battle royal , and my question, I had to say like, ‘No, not really,’ he was like, ‘Can ya feel it, Dasha? Can ya feel it?’ Because, you know, Mojo’s very expressive, and I literally had to look at him straight in the face and go, ‘No, not really.’ It was one of the most hardest, silly things, so many memes were made after it. That was one of my favorites, ‘No, not really,’ because I asked them, ‘Am I supposed to be cheeky?’ And they’re just like, ‘No just look at him straight, dead in the face and say no, not really.'”

On the differences between WWE and AEW:

Gonzalez: “That’s the cool thing about the talent. Being on the announce side, everyone’s always been very cool with me, but the creative freedom in AEW is something that is so appealing, and all the talent just loves that, being able to have an idea, put out the idea and get positive feedback, yes negative feedback, but at the same time, I feel like just having that creativity allows them to grow their characters. And then having veterans and people with lots of TV experience, many of the talent didn’t have TV experience when we first started, so just the overall vibe is so chill and so cool and I greatly appreciate that.”

The full episode is available here: