Dash Wilder Files Trademark For Possible Post-WWE Ring Name

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Dash Wilder Files Trademark For Possible Post-WWE Ring Name

the revival

Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images

PWInsider is reporting that Dash Wilder has continued to file trademarks in his time away from the ring, with his latest intellectual property revealing what his post-WWE wrestling career could look like. Earlier this month, Wilder trademarked the name “Cash Wheeler” for use in wrestling and on hats, shirts, and bandanas.

The Revival has been in a tug of war with their current employers over trademarks all year. WWE owns the name Dash Wilder, as well as the two names he and Scott Dawson used as a tag team, The Revival and The Mechanics. Meanwhile, Dash and Dawson have secured several aspects of their current gimmicks, including the name of their finisher (Shatter Machine) and the terms “Top Guys” and “Say Yeah.” Both entities have filed trademarks for the phrase “No Flips, Just Fists.”

Dash and Dawson are currently sitting at home, as they were booted off of WWE TV and not included in the recent Smackdown Elimination Chamber match for the Tag Team Titles. The rumor mill also claims that the duo isn’t being paid, but recent social media posts make it seem like they’re not too bothered by the situation. Dawson’s contract is up in April, with Dash being released several months after that.

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