Dark Thoughts And Hints Towards AEW’s Future On Being The Elite

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Dark Thoughts And Hints Towards AEW’s Future On Being The Elite

Chris Daniels Being The Elite

Photo Credit: AEW / Lee South

This week’s episode of Being The Elite has a few hints towards AEW happenings to come both inside and outside the ring. We start off with another conversation between the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega, complete with so many botches that they write it off as a joke. However, the hints towards calling up someone on the phone continue. It’s presumably Marty Scrull, but the phone instead has a video search for “Chris Daniels Botch” when we zoom in.

During an intro segment, Matt Jackson states that both he and Nick recorded for the previously announced AEW Podcast, which will be hosted by Brandi Rhodes and is supposedly launching before the end of 2019. Afterward, the Bucks take a few of their family members on a tour of the backstage area and down the ramp.

Other segments on the show include Alex Reynolds and John Silver continuing to look towards The Dark Order for answers and a drunk Hangman Page wandering through a hotel lobby and interacting with Private Party. The episode ends with Chris Daniels distracted from an SCU photoshoot because of his botch in his match against Pentagon Jr. He says that the Lucha Brother is “stuck in his brain” and “that he doesn’t know how to get him out.”

You can see the full episode of Being The Elite in the video embedded below:

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