Darby Allin’s Experience Sharing the Ring with Adam Copeland & Sting at AEW WrestleDream 2023

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During his TNT Championship match against Christian Cage in the main event of AEW WrestleDream 2023, Darby Allin was bodyslammed on the steel steps with his right arm landing hard.

At the post-show media scrum, Allin was spotted sporting an arm sling. He said,


“I’m going to the hospital after this.”

Allin noted that he would be undergoing an X-ray scan to determine the severity of his arm injury, and also commented on his experience sharing the ring with Sting and Adam Copeland at last night’s pay-per-view event. He said,

Being in the ring with those guys, it’s a moment where it’s like you can’t really stop and smell the roses that much because I’m like, ‘Woah. What a match that was.’ It really took a lot out of me. But being in there and sharing that — I remember being such a fan of Adam [Copeland]. I told him this Friday night, I was like, ‘The only wrestling shirt I felt cool wearing at school was the ‘Rated-R Superstar’ shirt. That’s my goal with wrestling, is to have people be like, ‘Yo, that guy. He’s different. He doesn’t embody what people think wrestling’s about.’ So it’s cool. And I think Sting’s the same exact way, so being in the ring with those guys and letting them share that moment with me is amazing. It’s cool. I’m grateful for it.

AEW President Tony Khan further stated that the three men “have a thread that ties them together” as “darker, esoteric figures in the world of pro wrestling,” and that seeing them together felt “right.”

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In a recent TNT Championship match at AEW WrestleDream 2023, Darby Allin suffered a potentially serious arm injury. During the main event against Christian Cage, Allin was bodyslammed onto the steel steps, causing his right arm to land hard. Following the match, Allin was seen wearing an arm sling and revealed that he would be heading to the hospital for further evaluation.

Allin mentioned that he would undergo an X-ray scan to determine the severity of his arm injury. Despite the unfortunate incident, he also expressed his gratitude for sharing the ring with wrestling legends Sting and Adam Copeland (also known as Edge). Allin described the experience as a surreal moment, where he couldn’t fully appreciate it due to the physical toll the match took on him.

He shared his admiration for Copeland, stating that as a fan, he felt cool wearing Copeland’s “Rated-R Superstar” shirt in school. Allin aspires to be a wrestler who stands out and defies people’s expectations of what wrestling is about. He believes that both Sting and Copeland embody that same uniqueness, and he feels honored to have had them share that moment with him in the ring.

AEW President Tony Khan also commented on the significance of the match, noting that there is a common thread that ties all three men together. He described them as darker and esoteric figures in the world of pro wrestling. Seeing them together felt right to Khan, emphasizing the special nature of their collaboration.

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While Darby Allin’s arm injury is unfortunate, fans are hopeful for a speedy recovery. The match between Allin, Sting, and Adam Copeland showcased the unique talent and storytelling that AEW brings to the wrestling world. It was a memorable event that left an impact on both the wrestlers and the fans.