Darby Allin Was Involved In ‘About 90%’ Of Directing The Revolution Street Fight, Tony Khan Praises Him As A Filmmaker And Wrestler

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Darby Allin Was Involved In ‘About 90%’ Of Directing The Revolution Street Fight, Tony Khan Praises Him As A Filmmaker And Wrestler

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Darby Allin‘s fingerprints were all over the tag team street fight at AEW Revolution and now we know just how involved he was in filming the match.

During last night’s AEW Revolution post-show media scrum, Allin was asked about being involved in the creative process of his previous vignettes, as well as the street fight at Revolution specifically. Allin says he was on hand for a majority of the creative decisions and said it was an honor to be involved, and an honor to work with Sting.

“I would say I was involved in 90% of it. I was doing damn near everything that night. A lot, lot of work put into this and I was up for weeks helping produce this, so it was a lot. It was a good experience because my ass dropped out of film school so this was kind of a test to see my directing skills, so it was fun. I had a good time and then, everybody trusting me, Ricky busting his ass too, making everything—it was an honor to be part of this.”

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Later in the evening, Tony Khan was also asked about Darby’s huge role in not only putting the street fight together, but his work as a filmmaker in general. Khan said

“I’m really glad you asked. Darby’s a really great, gifted young filmmaker. and I’m so glad you used that term to describe him because that’s a term I use to describe Darby all of the time. He’s a great filmmaker and working with him on this was a pleasure. That’s accurate, he did do 90%, and Darby was effectively co-directing this. We had a vision for it, this story, I’ve been working on him with it going back almost a year, with Tazz, and we’ve had plans for a long time to bring Sting into it and do this match. It all paid off in a really spectacular way. Everybody put their body into it and I can’t say enough about the effort everyone gave, in particular Sting, he came back from such a long layoff, but it was awesome. As a filmmaker, Darby envisioned a great spectacle and organized all of these shots and every time we called ‘cut’, he was right there making sure we did it right. There were times where it involved him doing something insane, to do it a second time, and he was willing to do it because he’s so passionate about it. He’s a very, very gifted filmmaker indeed, and he’s a great wrestler and a really, really important person to this company.”

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Check out Darby’s full scrum below: