Darby Allin: ‘So Many People Only Know Wrestling, It Gets So Boring’

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Darby Allin: ‘So Many People Only Know Wrestling, It Gets So Boring’

Darby Allin

Photo Credit: Thomas Tischio / AEW

Darby Allin believes that more people should enter the wrestling world to bring in their outside influence.

Darby Allin has made it a point to bring his unique approach to life to the big screen in All Elite Wrestling. Before he was paired on camera with Sting, Darby was in vignettes with names such as Steve-O and Tony Hawk.

For Darby, it is important for him to bring something unique to wrestling because as he explains in a new interview with The Independent, those who only revolve around wrestling are boring in his eyes.

“The biggest advice I’d give to anyone entering wrestling is to bring your outside world into wrestling because there are so many people [who] only know wrestling, and it gets so boring.

“It’s like ‘tell me who you are and what you’re about,’ and they say, ‘I grew up loving professional wrestling, it’s all I ever wanted, it’s my dream.’ That is so generic that you don’t bring anything to the table. There’s a whole world out there, and so many are so small-minded in wrestling that it’s not even funny.

“There’s the whole world and I want to explore that world. I don’t want to be in a small bubble with all these people, so I don’t associate with a whole bunch of people, I just like to do my own thing.”

Darby Allin will get a major opportunity this Sunday at AEW Revolution when he teams with Sting against Team Taz. This will make Darby Allin the first person to team with Sting since John Cena in 2015.

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