Darby Allin On Why He Locks Himself In The Boiler Room At Daily’s Place

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Darby Allin On Why He Locks Himself In The Boiler Room At Daily’s Place

Photo Credit: All Elite Wrestling

Darby Allin prefers to keep his mind on wrestling when he is backstage at AEW Dynamite. He recently sat down with The Wrestling Perspective podcast and said that he rarely spends time backstage, preferring to lock himself in the boiler room so that he can only focus on business matters and leave his personal life out of it.

He said, “You can’t find me backstage because we’ve been in Daily’s Place now for the last year and it sounds ridiculous but I literally change in the boiler room by myself. lock myself in there and I just come up with storylines all day and working on promos and working on everything that I do outside of the ring; all of the business deal and random stuff; clothing line.”

Why does he do this? Well, he doesn’t care about anyone’s personal lives and doesn’t have an interest in sharing details about his own. He said, “I just feel way more productive not hearing people’s gossip about stupid ‘who slept with who’ and ‘who’s talking to who.’ I don’t have time for that. It pisses me off. So I really just feel super more productive when I’m by myself. But when it’s time to go out there and put a match together or put a storyline together, I’ll be totally be in your face like super collabing and just talking, but otherwise man I really like to be left alone.”

You can see the entire interview that Darby did below. Thanks to Fightful for providing transcriptions.

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