Darby Allin Isn’t A Fan Of The ‘Four Pillars’ Term

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Darby Allin will be working the Four Pillars World Title Match at AEW Double or Nothing this Sunday night.

During a recent interview with Pwinsider, the AEW wrestler opined on why he’s not a big fan of the “pillars” term, how he’s feeling ahead of Double or Nothing 2023, and more.


You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On how he’s feeling ahead of Double or Nothing 2023: “I’m more ready than I ever have been in my whole entire career. There was a time when AEW first started that I didn’t think I was the right guy to be in the main event and I was always kind of intimidated by the main event spot. But let’s just say I’m ready for that main event spot and I’m ready for that championship. I’m ready to be the face of this company. I’m more dialed in than I ever have been.”

On the evolution of the “Four Pillars”: “So I’m going to start off the word pillars. I never really liked that word, never saw myself as a pillar per se. I think anybody who’s ride or die with this company is a pillar in my eye. I don’t think it gets put down to four guys being categorized as pillars. I think anybody who’s loyal to the company is considered a pillar in my eye. But to be a guy in this company that was able to start from AEW from day one and give him the creative freedom from day one and people can see Darby Allin and what I’m all about without anybody changing anything about me and watching the growth that I’ve had, that’s what I’m most grateful for and to see… And I think out of all the pillars, I run with creative freedom the most out of all the people because my creative freedom goes beyond the ring. It goes with the crazy stuff I do outside of the ring. It goes with the crazy stuff I do in the ring. And creative freedom is all I’ve ever want in life and I got just that. But to watch everybody else grow, Max, Sammy, Jungle Boy, it’s cool. We all started from nothing, absolutely nothing before we had no TV experience whatsoever and it’s going to be very special to go out there and kind of show people what we’re capable of in that main event spot.”

On if he’s starting to try and mitigate the risks he puts his body through: “Full-blown by far. Still full-blown. What people don’t see is what I do outside of the ring for rehab of my body and stuff like that. Everyone thinks I am just being reckless and don’t think about what I’m doing. Trust me, there is a method to my madness and I take all actions to be as physically well as possible. I got such a crazy thing at my house, like a setup to fix my body and everything like that. I’m on top of things. Like I go to DDP’s house and he teaches me all the latest technology for physical wellness and trust me. I’m on it and I feel great. A lot of people are like, “Yo, you’re not going to be able to walk when you’re 28,” I become 28. “No, now you’re not going to walk when you’re 29,” I become 29. “You’re not going to be able to walk when you’re 30,” I become 30. I’m like, “What are your guys’ excuse now?” I’m taking care of myself. I feel great. And they don’t want to hear it because they want to be one of these guys that say, “See it, kid? You shouldn’t have done that when you’re 18 years old.” And then what they don’t see is how I take care of myself, so they can all go to hell.”

On his relationship with Sting: “That’s the thing I wish people saw the most of is I saw more of our relationship outside of the ring, because he’s a very kind of standoff guy, keeps to himself, which I’m the same way, but he literally took me in. And now he says… When he’s there, he’s got a private locker room, his locker room’s my locker room, and I hang out with him all day, and we just have fun and he’s the type of guy that you can go over to his house in Texas and hang out for the day. And it’s like nice. It’s nice to have that relationship and people don’t get to see that. And I would like it, toward the end of his career, people get to see more of our camaraderie outside of the ring and everything that goes into it because he is an amazing person.”

On AEW Collision coming next month: “I’m excited. I’m really excited because it gives people more chances to be seen and that’s all you can ask for, because it’s kind of tricky spot when you got two hour television and then one hour on Fridays. But with a whole another two hours and you can really sink your teeth into a whole set of guys and see what they can do and, to me, that’s amazing. That’s all. I would love that. Just more eyes and more opportunities and more time. Dude, no problem. I’m excited about that.”

On if he has a preference for a particular show: “No, not at all, dude. I’m down for wherever the wind takes me and I want… If I could work both shows, I would work both shows. We just started with the house shows and I just started doing those and I’ve been on every one that we’ve had so far and it’s one of those things where, on those house shows, I forgot how much I just love wrestling. Just love wrestling because TVs and stuff, it’s like hustle, like, “Blah blah, blah!” But here, whoa. So the more I can actually be out there performing and the more I can give back to the company, that’s all I want. So sign me up for both shows, sign me for house shows, sign me up for whatever shows. I’m down it all.”

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