Darby Allin emerges victorious over Lance Archer in AEW Collision, while The Acclaimed successfully retain their title

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Darby Allin faced his biggest challenge on Saturday’s AEW Collision when he went one-on-one with “The Murderhawk” Lance Archer.

Archer ragdolled Allin throughout the match, even chokeslamming him on the apron at a certain point.


Roberts got himself ejected while making it look like he was about to attack Allin with the skateboard.

Allin used the distraction to nail Archer with a top rope Code Red and covered him for the win.

Following the match, an irate Archer continued to slap the mat for the loss while Allin kept selling the beating he took.

Roberts returned and declared the fight wasn’t over, introducing his new allies The Righteous. The trio distracted Allin so Archer could hit him with the Blackout.

You can check out some highlights from the match below:

The Acclaimed held their ‘National 69 Day’ celebration on Saturday’s AEW Collision but it was interrupted by Dalton Castle and The Boys.

Anthony Bowes, Max Caster, and Daddy Ass addressed the fans to celebrate the 69th day of their AEW World Trios Title reign. MJF also appeared on the titantron to thank Caster for helping him on Dynamite.

Castle and The Boys interrupted the celebration, destroying The Acclaimed’s 69 trophy. This led to an impromptu AEW Trios title defense, which the champions won.

You can check out some highlights from the match below:

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Darby Allin Overcomes “The Murderhawk” Lance Archer in AEW Collision
In a highly anticipated match on Saturday’s AEW Collision, Darby Allin faced off against “The Murderhawk” Lance Archer. The two competitors put on an intense and physical battle that had fans on the edge of their seats.
From the start of the match, Archer showcased his dominance, ragdolling Allin and even chokeslamming him on the apron. It seemed like Allin was no match for Archer’s power and aggression. However, Allin refused to back down and fought back with everything he had.
In a surprising turn of events, Allin’s mentor Jake Roberts got himself ejected from ringside, creating a distraction that allowed Allin to hit Archer with a top rope Code Red and secure the victory. Despite the win, Allin was visibly battered and bruised from the beating he took throughout the match.
But the fight wasn’t over yet. Roberts returned to the ring and introduced his new allies, The Righteous. The trio distracted Allin, giving Archer the opportunity to hit him with his devastating finishing move, the Blackout.
The aftermath of the match left fans wondering what’s next for Allin and Archer. Will Allin seek revenge against The Righteous? And how will Archer continue to assert his dominance in AEW?
AEW Collision also featured a clash between The Acclaimed and Dalton Castle and The Boys. The Acclaimed celebrated their 69th day as AEW World Trios Champions, but their celebration was cut short when Castle and The Boys interrupted and destroyed their 69 trophy.
This led to an impromptu AEW Trios title defense, with The Acclaimed successfully retaining their titles. The interruption by Castle and The Boys added another layer of excitement to the event and left fans eagerly anticipating future matches between these teams.
Overall, AEW Collision delivered an action-packed night of wrestling, with Darby Allin’s victory over Lance Archer and The Acclaimed’s successful title defense being the standout moments. The event showcased the talent and athleticism of the AEW roster and left fans wanting more.
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