Danielle Kamela Explains Why Promotions Should Sign Her In New ‘Wrestling Video Essay’

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Danielle Kamela Explains Why Promotions Should Sign Her In New ‘Wrestling Video Essay’

danielle kamela

Photo Credit: Danielle Kamela (via Twitter)

WWE has released a lot of talents over the past year. But few have made the best out of a bad situation better than Danielle Kamela, formally know as Vanessa Borne, in WWE NXT.

Danielle Kamela was brought up to the WWE main roster but never made her official debut. By the time the company had released her, she was awaiting her opportunity to return to NXT television after being removed as a potential member of the RETRIBUTION stable.

Now that her 90-day non-compete contract has expired, Danielle Kamela took to social media last night and posted a hilarious video package that explained why a wrestling company should sign her.

Here is what she said in the video:

“Hi, my name is Danielle Kamela, and I’m going to tell all you wrestling companies why I’m going to make you a lot of money. First off, my stellar academic background. I’ve trained at the best wrestling schools on the East Coast and West Coast. I know everything there is to know about wrestling. During my time in NXT, I did a ton of charity work. I’m such a philanthropist. I was president of the art club, president of the fashion club, and president of the Bad Girls Club. I’m used to carrying a lot of weight on my back. And I always go the distance. And that’s why you should sign me. Danielle Kamela, future star for your company and soon to be the most popular girl in professional wrestling.”

The words don’t do Kamela’s charisma or delivery justice, so make sure you check out the embedded video below.

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Which wrestling company do you think will hire Danielle Kamela? Where would you like to see her show up next? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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— Danielle Kamela (@VanessaBorneWWE) September 2, 2021