Daniel Garcia Proud To Rep The Northeast, Aims For A Bigger Spotlight And Limitless Title Win This Weekend

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Daniel Garcia Proud To Rep The Northeast, Aims For A Bigger Spotlight And Limitless Title Win This Weekend

Daniel Garcia recently spoke with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard ahead of this weekend’s Limitless Wrestling Vacationland Cup. Garcia’s first-round match is against Lee Moriarty and he spoke about facing off with a rising star in the business as well as who else he’s hoping he runs into on his way to becoming Limitless Champion.

“I’m really excited to wrestle Lee Moriarty. He’s someone that I’ve been a fan of for a while now. He really got to take off during the pandemic and started to pick up some steam. He’s gained a lot of notoriety on the independent scene, he’s been wrestling for GCW, Paradigm Pro Wrestling, and a lot of places in the Midwest and he’s very talented. He has an online aesthetic that I really feel like was missing in pro wrestling, and he’s great in-ring. I’m really excited to mix it up with him and maybe even profit off of his clout a little bit once I beat him.”

“I was supposed to wrestle Christian Casanova in March, it was a Limitless show because it got canceled because of COVID. It was supposed to be a number one contender’s match for the Limitless Championship and obviously, that fell through. Anthony Greene went to NXT and he had to vacate the title, so now the Vacationland Cup is for the Limitless title. I’m hoping at some point in the tournament that I will be able to see him and have the match that we were supposed to have in March.”

Limitless Wrestling is based in Maine, part of a burgeoning New England wrestling scene that is responsible for producing some of wrestling’s biggest names today, including Bobby Fish, Tommaso Ciampa and Oney Lorcan, to name a few. Garcia says it’s great to come from such a great scene and although the Midwest has a lot of attention right now, he’s hoping the Vacationland Cup shows new fans what they’re missing and what the talent in Limitless already knows.

“I’ve actually felt like it for a while, but this little top right-hand corner of the map, I feel like it was the prominent destination in pro wrestling. Think about all of the people that came out of the New England and New York area—all of the people that are on the NXT roster and so many of them came from this area, as far as a region. Right now, I feel like the Midwest is a very relevant area in pro wrestling, and [that’s] where you’re starting to get some really cool startup companies like Paradigm, and GCW runs a lot there. Then you have people from that area like Cole Radrick, AJ Gray, and that’s the focal point of pro wrestling right now.

“I’m a little—that kinda upsets me. I rep the Northeast hard and I’m from Buffalo, New York. I’m a Buffalo kid always and I feel like it’s time to take our position back. I like being from the most prominent area in pro wrestling. I’m a very competitive person and I like when the Northeast is hot and poppin’ and relevant. I feel like we can take that back a little bit. A lot of people in this tournament are from Maine, Massachusetts and New York, even Pittsburgh, so it’s going to give a lot of Northeast people an opportunity to shine and show that [we] produces the best pro wrestlers in the world.”

The Limitless Wrestling Vacationland Cup airs at 7 p.m. on December 19 on IWTV; check out our full interview with Daniel Garcia at the top of this post.