Daniel Garcia Praises Jon Moxley as the Top Wrestler Globally; Nick Wayne Responds with Opinions

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Nick Wayne’s storyline on AEW television has seen some of his personal life issues being factored in, including his strained relationship with his late father and Darby Allin becoming his mentor.

Speaking on a recent edition of the “Busted Open Radio” podcast, Wayne opined on if it’s been hard to use his personal life in storylines, and more.


You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On if it’s been hard to use his personal life in storylines: “I wouldn’t say difficult, but it’s been a touchy subject. To put it out there and present it to the real world and give them all the details about a real life tragic situation, sometimes you don’t know what is too far, do you really tell them everything? Everything we’ve said and done has been a true story. We’ve held nothing back. What is presented on TV is the full real story and full real feelings and affections. A lot of people that were close to my dad tell me, ‘This is an amazing thing. You get to present your father and his story on a national televised level without him being here.’”

On if he knew ahead of time that his mother would be involved: “I had a feeling, because before I made my debut, we made these video packages at the wrestling school. I think she knew that the story would play out and become a main persona or a big thing out there to the public. She was okay with it because she saw it coming. Getting her involved with it and then the stuff with Christian and Darby, that, I don’t think any of us knew would happen. Everything we’ve done she’s cool and has been on board with it. I think she’s been doing great.”

On if they’ve been convinced to do things they didn’t want to: “No, everything has been on board. The only things that have been tough was when we had to film the introduction packages, was having to talk about my dad and the day everything happened. We filmed 10 or 15 minutes of me talking and they put it into pieces and pieced it together. Those were the hard parts, recalling and thinking about the day is tough and chokes me up.”

Daniel Garcia believes Jon Moxley is the best performer in the wrestling business today.

Speaking on a recent edition of “The Walkway to Fight Club” podcast, Garcia commented on Jon Moxley’s contributions to the business, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On the best performer in the business: “I say all the time, I think Mox is the best wrestler in the world. He’s somebody, whenever I watch him, he just makes me feel viscerally. He can bring out my emotions in a match more than anybody else can, I think. I love watching him. I think the way he performs is kind of lost on a lot of people. I feel like he has an old-school style, not just stylistically. The way he does things, it breaks the rhythm of how an audience should react. If an audience is supposed to be like, ‘Okay, now is the point where we clap, now is the point where we cheer, now is the point where we chant, “This is awesome,” he kind of takes the audience on a different ride where they’re reacting because they feel like they need to react, not because they’re like, ‘Oh, this is the time where we do this.’ I look up to Mox in a lot of ways. I love watching Mox.”

On some of his other favorites: “I would say Mox. Mox, Bryan, Eddie. Those are probably three of the people, probably my top three favorite wrestlers of all time. My top five would be Bryan, Mox, Eddie, Sasha Banks, and then five is probably a rotating door of Katsuyori Shibata or Mark Henry or Shinsuke Nakamura or something like that. But the top four. That’s Mox, Bryan, Eddie, Sasha Banks. That’s locked in. I don’t think that’ll ever change. Mercedes Mone, sorry.”

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Nick Wayne, a rising star in All Elite Wrestling (AEW), has been incorporating elements of his personal life into his on-screen storyline. This includes his strained relationship with his late father and his mentorship with Darby Allin. In a recent interview on the “Busted Open Radio” podcast, Wayne discussed the challenges and rewards of using his personal life in storylines.

Wayne acknowledged that it hasn’t been easy to share his personal life with the public. He expressed concerns about how much to reveal and whether certain aspects of his story were too sensitive. However, he emphasized that everything portrayed on television is based on real events and emotions. Wayne and the AEW creative team have held nothing back in presenting the full story of his father and their relationship. Wayne also highlighted the significance of being able to honor his father’s memory on a national televised level.

When asked about his mother’s involvement in the storyline, Wayne revealed that he had a feeling she would be included. Before his debut, they filmed video packages that hinted at the story’s development. Wayne’s mother was supportive because she anticipated the storyline’s impact and understood its importance to his character. While the involvement of Christian and Darby Allin was unexpected, Wayne expressed gratitude for their contributions and praised his mother for handling everything well.

Wayne also addressed whether he has been pressured into doing things he didn’t want to do. He clarified that he has been fully on board with all the creative decisions made for his character. The only challenging moments were when he had to film the introduction packages, which required him to talk about the day his father passed away. Recalling those memories was emotionally difficult for Wayne, but he appreciated the opportunity to share his story.

In another wrestling-related topic, Daniel Garcia, a talented wrestler in AEW, shared his admiration for Jon Moxley during an appearance on “The Walkway to Fight Club” podcast. Garcia considers Moxley to be the best performer in the wrestling business today. He praised Moxley’s ability to evoke visceral emotions in the audience and described his wrestling style as old-school, breaking the traditional rhythm of audience reactions. Garcia expressed his admiration for Moxley’s performances and named him as one of his top three favorite wrestlers, alongside Bryan and Eddie.

In conclusion, both Nick Wayne and Daniel Garcia have provided insights into their experiences in AEW. Wayne discussed the challenges and rewards of incorporating his personal life into storylines, while Garcia expressed his admiration for Jon Moxley’s contributions to the wrestling business. These interviews offer fans a deeper understanding of the wrestlers’ journeys and their perspectives on the industry.