Daniel Bryan Wasn’t Ready To Go Back To Yes Chants Just Yet, Feels Sami Zayn Story Is Unfinished

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Daniel Bryan Wasn’t Ready To Go Back To Yes Chants Just Yet, Feels Sami Zayn Story Is Unfinished

daniel bryan

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

My San Antonio recently talked with former WWE Champion Daniel Bryan about his change in attitude. The performer talks about his reluctancy to go from being a heel to a babyface again and how he feels that he has unfinished business with Sami Zayn.

“I think it varies depending on the person and the situation,” said Bryan of who decides if a character changes direction. “I honestly wasn’t really ready to go back to the ‘yes’ chants yet. I was really enjoying the stuff that I was doing as the ‘Planet’s Champion’ and environmentalist type of stuff. But sometimes you do what duty calls for, right? There’s the switch, and I still enjoy doing that.

“But it’s weird, because it almost feels a little bit unfinished. We were starting a story with me and Sami Zayn, and to me that was very compelling. It was, ‘Do you want to go backward with these people and go back to being the ‘yes’ guy, or do you want to go forward with us?’ And to me, that’s a very interesting real question in my life and in my career. Do you want to go back to this? It’s easy to get reactions as the ‘yes’ guy and be the guy who goes out there and does the ‘yes’ chants. Or do I want to push things forward?

“Which is more interesting to me creatively? In this particular instance, it was kind of like, ‘OK, we’re ready as a company for the ‘yes’ guy to be back.’ And I really enjoy doing that. I do. But, I like to also push my own creative boundaries, and so one of the things that I’m trying to do with this, although I haven’t necessarily done a great job of it yet, is evolving the ‘yes’ character from what it had been before. But one of the cool things to me that we are doing now that I really have enjoyed is the Bray Wyatt Fiend character is so interesting, and this idea that he legitimately changes characters on TV. I think that’s a very compelling story. It’s been a lot of fun. And it’s hard for me when you ask, like, how has it been planned? My week to week goes by so crazily, like everything’s so crazy that it’s hard to remember. I don’t really know.”

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