Daniel Bryan: I Felt ‘Detached’ At WWE WrestleMania 37, So Maybe It’s Time To Become A Part-Time Wrestler

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Daniel Bryan: I Felt ‘Detached’ At WWE WrestleMania 37, So Maybe It’s Time To Become A Part-Time Wrestler

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With each passing week, it seems like Daniel Bryan is prepared to enter the next chapter of his career.

In the weeks ahead of WWE WrestleMania 37, the former WWE Champion stated that this year’s show could be his last one as a full-time wrestler. Now, in a recent interview with BT Sport, Bryan described how he felt oddly detached during the main event of WrestleMania 37, and he interpreted this situation as a possible sign that it’s time to fully make the transition he has been teasing in recent months.

“It was really bizarre,” said Bryan. “Just really, really bizarre. You know, it’s funny. It’s been nine days now, since it happened, and it’s taken me time to fully process what the experience was like. Because it wasn’t like a normal thing. It was really weird. I felt very out of body in it. It was so weird.

“When I’m wrestling, I feel everything, and I feel like I really enjoy it. This was weird. It was out there, it was almost like I felt detached. And it was like, I was out there, and it was so strange, in fact, that before the match started, I got this really weird feeling I was like, ‘Oh no. Is this what it’s like right before you die? Am I gonna die?’ And I was like, ‘Huh, well, I mean, okay.’ I was like, if that happens, that happens.”

Bryan emphasized the “bizarre” nature of this feeling and stated that, throughout the course of his wrestling career, he’d never felt that way before. He then described how he’s been trying to process that unusual emotion, and he wondered whether it was a sign that it’s time to fully shift into his role as a part-time wrestler.

“I’m not a big believer in signs,” said Bryan. “Most people think of me as this hippy dippy kind of thing because I’m an environmentalist, but I’m really not….It was interesting, but it was like, maybe it’s a sign that this is the time to let go of being a full-time wrestler, you know what I mean, which is kind of what I’ve been thinking for a while.

“The odd detachment was like, ‘Woah,’ like I said, either I’m gonna die [laughs], or it’s time, like, oh maybe this is just a sign that this isn’t the same type of fulfilling that it was before.”

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