Dana White Suggests WWE Pay-Per-Views May Return to Sundays

Dana White Suggests WWE Pay-Per-Views May Return to Sundays
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Following the UFC on ESPN 56 post-match press conference, Dana White, UFC’s Chief Executive, hinted at the potential shift of WWE pay-per-view events back to Sundays. This suggestion was made in alignment with the upcoming TKO-branded weekends.

In recent years, WWE has rescheduled their pay-per-view events to Saturdays. Dana White elucidated about the potential event schedule, “We already have those dates set up right now, where Power Slap goes Friday and UFC goes Saturday. And then you’re going to see Friday Power Slap, Saturday UFC, and Sunday WWE. You’ll start seeing that stuff too.”

Moreover, WWE is mulling over setting an earlier start time of 7:00 PM EST for its domestic pay-per-view events, a format they adhered to in the past. Nevertheless, there have been instances when WWE chose to retain the current start time for some pay-per-view contests, including events like NXT Heatwave, SummerSlam, and Bash in Berlin.

As per White’s insights, it seems that WWE pay-per-view calendars might not transition to Sunday each month. This change might only occur over weekends when TKO’s crew is stationed in the same city for sequential events.