Dana Warrior’s Departure from WWE Announced

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Dana Warrior was fired from World Wrestling Entertainment earlier today as part of the layoffs following Endeavor’s acquisition of WWE.

Dana Warrior, the widow of late WWE Hall of Famer The Ultimate Warrior, was part of WWE’s community outreach department. She joined WWE back in 2014 following her husband’s passing. At one point, she was working on the creative team but left that role in 2022. She also makes appearances for the WWE Hall of Fame’s annual Warrior Award ceremony.


As you’d expect, many people were surprised by this departure.

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Dana Warrior, the widow of late WWE Hall of Famer The Ultimate Warrior, has been fired from World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) as part of the recent layoffs following Endeavor’s acquisition of the company. This news has come as a surprise to many, considering her long-standing association with WWE and her contributions to the organization.

Dana Warrior joined WWE in 2014 after her husband’s untimely passing. Initially, she worked in the community outreach department, where she played a crucial role in connecting WWE with various charitable causes and community initiatives. Her dedication and passion for making a positive impact on society were evident in her work.

In addition to her community outreach responsibilities, Dana Warrior also served on the creative team at one point. This role involved contributing to the development of storylines and characters within WWE. However, she stepped away from this position in 2022, possibly indicating a shift in her focus or interests within the company.

One of Dana Warrior’s notable contributions to WWE was her involvement in the annual Warrior Award ceremony. This ceremony is held as part of the WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony and recognizes individuals who have shown exceptional strength and perseverance in their lives. Dana Warrior’s presence at these events added a personal touch, honoring her late husband’s legacy and inspiring others with her own story.

The news of Dana Warrior’s departure from WWE has left many fans and colleagues surprised. Her dedication to the organization and her commitment to making a difference in the community made her a respected figure within the wrestling community. It remains unclear what led to her termination or what her future plans may be.

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While Dana Warrior’s departure from WWE may mark the end of her tenure with the organization, her contributions and impact will not be forgotten. Her work in community outreach and her involvement in the Warrior Award ceremony have left a lasting impression on both fans and colleagues. As the wrestling world continues to evolve, it will be interesting to see what new endeavors Dana Warrior pursues and how her legacy within WWE will be remembered.