Dan Severn on Threatening to Kick Owen Hart’s @SS After Botching An Inverted Piledriver AGAIN on RAW

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Dan Severn on Threatening to Kick Owen Hart’s @SS After Botching An Inverted Piledriver AGAIN on RAW
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These grappler are unbelievable. When we first spoke about a years ago and truly i deem i truly talked about you by title in the book as you had been doubtlessly treasure basically the most ample alongside with your time and when i insist the book i will characterize this to the principle digicam my first one owen coronary heart king of pranks um i requested you for some background you're truly big alongside with your time and.

Every thing and uh what number of pages what number of pages did that book because that that's a moderately accurate sized book honest there that is um i purchased i'll recount you 429 wow very very accurate yeah um some insist uh some insist uh you know i honest didn't know when to cease writing but and i didn't edit.

Anything out but you realize it was my book and i self-printed and all the pieces ok you would honest question yet every other search info from had been you ready to interview a need of the the coronary heart family uh for her um i reached out to uh martha i reached out to brett i reached out to bruce no person replied so diana i reached out to.

And no person replied to me uh a lot of wrestlers uh replied to me and gave me anecdotes but no sadly um i've i wrote to martha owens widow um final yr and he or she in the extinguish wrote serve to me and said oh i'll learn it and glean serve to after which she never did so.

It's honest a form of things i'm no longer gonna push the insist so certain i i glean it but uh so one amongst the um one amongst the things that you had been uh truly accurate with telling me the backstory to and it's a form of diversified wrestling observer in a newsletter things that rea what they’ve written was no longer the reality of the scenario and.

Uh it's a it's it's no longer famous since it's a vince russo brain fart the set aside there's there's no valid feud going on you glean sent out with owen hart and within about two and a half of minutes uh owen does the recreation of the steve austin inverted pile driver that uh nearly timid him and impacted on his spine uh inflicting severe.

Uh neck accidents and uh he does the same component to you and it was reported that all of it went absolutely colorful and when i requested you about it you said no it didn't so when you yeah when which you can maybe well perhaps recount us the chronicle yeah i do know that that did no longer lumber safe it the least bit i imply it was uh again it was presupposed to be a recreation of that what would happen.

With the stone cool metallic austin as smartly i imply that was already pre-certain and that that uh there'd be an anguish perspective after which i could maybe well be taken out of the ring on a a backboard you know by emts so.

That that was already put into self-discipline uh however the reality was um i he did fall me honest on my head um paradoxically stone cool steve boss known as me up i'll insist someplace in the final you know 10.

10 twelve months uh ago he known as me up all of the sudden uh my cell phone he goes treasure daniel was a stoke hosting austin right here he says uh he said no that we didn't discuss mighty when we had been both working for province and so they said you had your component to enact i had my component to enact.

He said a chum of mine honest confirmed me a video honest no longer too long ago and he goes i had to present you a phone call he says he said he said owen coronary heart smartly i imply he on the total said usual coronary heart are up he goes and he goes he actually dropped.

You for your head he must composed no longer sit down on his butt he must composed fall all of the intention down to his knees and i’m going yeah he he did he did they did incorrectly he goes he goes are you ok i’m going i will be capable to't i near up with a puny bit amusing i didn't lumber mentally or bodily you know and uh.

He bought a he bought form of a kick out of my one line i said i said truly steve i hit the head of my head and i had a bound of lightning bustle down my spine and bustle down my leg i said it was all fragment of the perspective as i laid there i didn't strive to inform any consideration to myself but as i laid there i did i form.

A obvious that my my my palms are composed shifting and that i could maybe well composed switch my toes and although at one level because i i deem i don't know if if uh if owen realized at that level time that he screw up or.

He harm me and he he dealt down because he's composed attempting to defend in match performance mode so he form of whispers he goes when you know he reaches out grabs my hand he goes when you're ok squeeze by hand why did i didn’t squeeze his hand and uh you know that the match went on.

To enact was treasure the ok paramedics are known as in i'll commit it to memory off on the backboard neck brace backboard they they devise me serve as soon as they glean me serve past the uh the curtain i glean off i glean off the the backboard and that's when you know owen coronary heart comes as much as me and he's treasure search info from me he goes why did you squeeze.

My head serve but that's what i i on the total went after oh i imply i imply no longer that's going to beat him up honest there and there but i imply i i went out to all the pieces one dog thumping him on the chest you know the usual thumping right here and i’m going lumber the set aside i’m going why did you fall me out my head for valid i.

Flow i said you are a knowledgeable expert i’m going you're reminiscent of you're originate coronary heart i’m going you're fragment of the coronary heart legacy i said someone must composed know programs to enact something appropriately you and the lineage that you came with i imply i i was i was livid after which i’m going if i must composed ever hang you ever in the ring again i says i said i will.

Not recall care of you whatsoever i i was pissed because actually i do know i dodged i dodged a bullet um i imply it was unhappy to search what took self-discipline you know to what you know what was owen's death you know with the blue blazer gimmick and stuff treasure that.

But that's i i recount other folks all of the time there james that i've been harm far worse in my expert wrestling occupation that i were in all my cage fights and i’m going that's adverse and that's but but that's also because who are they being educated by are they persevering with their practicing and.

Most these guys because they they glean to the head they deem that they would possibly perhaps perhaps well honest sit around and smoke cigars and drink shots and and no longer must truly trade no you're you're finest as accurate as your final practicing session and and that's the set aside i'm a big i'm a big proponent that if i ran that firm i don't care when you're a.

Celeb now you better hang your ass in there understanding no longer lower than you know no longer lower than as soon as or twice a week on in the ring some you know if again if your performance also involves you have to characterize up in a obvious physical assemble of form smartly you better exhaust a puny bit bit.

More time on the gymnasium on you know no topic cardiovascular machines bench presses and dumbbells and your complete 9 yards but uh you know no person desires to purchase a label to search a bunch of rotund bin accessible working around honest one component on the piledriver again.

Is uh on the time when i requested you this about a years ago you attributed it to a pair diversified things why it went adverse one amongst them was perhaps there's some toddler oil on the chest it owen hearts protection owen coronary heart continuously are inclined to position treasure a puny bit bit of toddler oil on his palms and.

On his chest since it you realize it made it it made it has made his muscle tissue glisten when he went accessible so perhaps perhaps it was the appliance there and even the reality that i'm form of flawed on my weight i i weigh bigger than what i whereas search a puny bit bit extra denser.

So so but uh you realize it on the total is a mixture of this stuff but on the same token if again he's bought me up you have to composed he must were shedding all of the intention down to his knees and no longer sitting on his butt now there are some guys that pull.

Off sitting on the butt but they've bought big thighs on them you know i imply to net you know they bought big butts they bought big thighs out of them they would possibly perhaps perhaps well pull that off and you're going to be apt you know that was no longer the case with out treasure i said i i was i was very livid with him you know at that point i imply as.

Uh as the cliche goes i imply time does heal all our wounds i imply i i wish he was alive this day we'd doubtlessly hang a accurate chortle about it but uh you know that's no longer the case no it's no longer the case uh and it was a form of unhappy scenario that the 2 instances something went adverse in the.

Ring it was the actual same switch that he knew he couldn't hang accomplished the first time so it continuously strikes me as uncommon that he'd tried a 2nd time but seen him even bigger the 2nd time which continuously struck me is a puny bit more difficult you
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Dan Severn on Threatening to Kick Owen Hart’s @SS After Botching An Inverted Piledriver AGAIN on RAW

Dan Severn on Threatening to Kick Owen Hart's @SS After Botching An Inverted Piledriver AGAIN on RAW