Damon Kemp Shares Reaction to His ‘Death’ in 7/9 WWE NXT Episode

Damon Kemp Shares Reaction to His ‘Death’ in 7/9 WWE NXT Episode
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During a recent episode of WWE NXT, Damon Kemp’s character may have been eliminated, but the professional wrestler seems to be embracing the humorous side of the situation.

On the show, Kemp’s teammates from the No Quarter Catch Crew – Charlie Dempsey, Myles Borne, and Taivon Heights, were depicted near a car boot. Implied to be Kemp, an unseen person was in the trunk, with Charlie Dempsey asserting, “Errors are not acceptable,” before the team drove away.

Using his real moniker, Bobby Steveson, Kemp took to Twitter to offer a whimsical response. He joked that Myles Borne had activated the air conditioning, ensuring his comfort.

No worries, Myles cranked up the AC for me 😂

— Bobby Steveson (@damonkempwwe) July 10, 2024

Stevenson earlier this month disclosed his sudden departure from WWE, which occurred just a few weeks after his sibling, Gable Stevenson, was also released from WWE.

The said segment also displayed Wren Sinclair, who witnessed the group dismissing Kemp. The former NWA star declared that she didn’t see any of the proceedings.