Damian Priest Gets Revenge Against Cameron Grimes

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Damian Priest Gets Revenge Against Cameron Grimes

damian priest

Photo Credit: WWE

Damian Priest has been looking for revenge against Cameron Grimes for some time now, and he finally got some during tonight’s episode of NXT.

During their match against one another tonight, Priest came away with a big win, taking down Grimes after he was able to force Grimes to miss the Cave In against the ropes before landing the Reckoning on him for the win.

For more on how the match ended, check out below:

Grimes tries to attack Priest before the bell but Priest sidesteps. Priest decks Grimes. Priest stomps Grimes in the corner. Running splash in the corner by Priest. Priest follows that with a running wheel kick in the corner. Priest tries a Superman punch. Grimes counters with a stiff elbow. Grimes gets a two count after a modified sidewalk slam. Dropkick by Grimes. After the break, Priest floors Grimes with an uppercut. Grimes catches Priest with a clothesline over the top rope. Priest attempts an apron chokeslam. Grimes escapes and shoots for the Cave In. Grimes avoids it and crushes Grimes with a Razor’s Edge on the ring apron. Flatliner by Priest. Grimes kicks out. Grimes reverses Priest’s finish. Spinning crossbody by Grimes. Priest kicks out. Priest and Grimes trade strikes. Grimes misses the Cave In yet again and ends up getting tied up in the ropes. Priest hits a rope assist Reckoning for the win.

.@ArcherOfInfamy has been waiting a long time to get his hands on @CGrimesWWE, but is that wanting enough to put away the "The Technical Savage?" #WWENXT pic.twitter.com/fQ6UHJ4tLm

— WWE NXT (@TempWWENXT) July 16, 2020

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