Damian Priest ‘Attacks’ Leon Ruff To Help Him Retain NXT NA Title

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Damian Priest ‘Attacks’ Leon Ruff To Help Him Retain NXT NA Title

Photo Credit: WWE / USA Network

Tonight’s episode of NXT opened up with a match between Leon Ruff and Johnny Gargano, as Gargano looked to reclaim his hold on the NXT North American Championship that he lost last week. Instead, thanks to Damian Priest, Gargano once again came away without the belt, as he won the match via disqualification and was unable to get the title.

During their match, Priest made his way down to ringside, and yanked Ruff out of the ring after Gargano landed his finisher on him. After apologizing to Ruff, Priest laid him out with a vicious punch, ending the match and causing Ruff to retain his title. After the match, Ruff wasn’t too pleased, slapping Priest and telling him that he’s not a joke.

One thing's for certain, @LEONRUFF_'s moveset is NO JOKE. #WWENXT @JohnnyGargano pic.twitter.com/eQh5XhSNUY

— WWE (@WWE) November 19, 2020

For more on how the match ended, check out below:

Gargano bad mouths Ruff as he continues his assault. Ruff tries to skip the ropes but Gargano cuts him off. Roll through head kick by Ruff. Ruff skips the ropes and lands an arm drag. Gargano. ends up outside the ring. Ruff hits a dive. Ruff sends Gargano back into the ring. Ruff tries a crucifix driver, but Gargano escapes. Gargano lawn darts Ruff into the middle turnbuckle twice.

Gargano tries to meet in the middle but Priest walks out on the stage. Ruff rolls up Gargano for a two count. Ruff floors Gargano after a rebound lariat. Ruff misses a dive. Gargano powerbombs Ruff. Gargano lands his finish. Gargano tries to pin Ruff but Priest pulls Ruff out of the ring. Priest tells Ruff he is sorry before decking him to cause a disqualification.

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