“Dakota Kai Pleads in Tears for a Chance at a Solo Tournament!”

“Dakota Kai Pleads in Tears for a Chance at a Solo Tournament!”
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In a recent live stream on Twitch, WWE superstar Dakota Kai voiced her desires to compete in solo matches, similar to her tenure as a Women’s Tag Team Champion in WWE NXT.

Kai passionately expressed, “I’ve never had an opportunity as a singles competitor on a PLE. I’m not talking about NXT. You know what I mean… I’m getting like, ugh. You know that feeling where you’re like [bangs the desk], ‘Give me an opportunity, please, anything.’ I’m crying. I’m crying because I’m so emotional about this [laughs.] No, it’s my allergies. I’m not actually crying. But seriously, come on now, get behind me, bro.”

Since her elevation to WWE’s main roster, Kai’s appearances have been limited to tag-team matches and she has only been part of six pay-per-view events. Kai, however, is scheduled to compete against Zoey Stark and Ivy Nile in a Triple Threat Money In The Bank qualifier on the upcoming episode of Monday Night RAW. Here is the link to Kai voicing her demand for a singles opportunity at a WWE Premium Live Event:

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