Dakota Kai Discusses Recent WWE Releases & If She Was Worried She’d Be Let Go

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Dakota Kai Discusses Recent WWE Releases & If She Was Worried She’d Be Let Go

Dakota Kai

Photo Credit: WrestleZone, Dakota Kai at NXT ‘Takeover: Chicago’ 2018

Dakota Kai was once a bubbly babyface on the NXT brand, but now she is a top-level villain carrying the women’s division during NXT’s Wednesday night ratings battle with All Elite Wrestling.

Speaking with Steve Muehlhausen from Sporting News, Dakota Kai spoke about the importance of competition in wrestling and how one brand can bring out the best in another which overall helps the growth of the industry.

Steve Muelhausen Passed along the following quote to WrestleZone.

“One hundred percent. That’s the essence of competition. If there is something else out there that’s also bringing a great product, you want to elevate your own. That’s just how it would work,” Kai said. “So honestly, I think it’s so good for the wrestling business. I wish a lot of people online would see that. The online community is small compared to those that watch it at home. I really wish that people would just be happy with both and not get into such heated debates about either. Wrestling is for everyone. It’s great for wrestling in general that there is competition out there; otherwise, how is anything going to be elevated in general? I love it. I just wish that people online would also see it that way and not take it so personal.”

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Also, Dakota spoke about the recently released names from WWE and if there was any fear on her behalf that she would be cut.

“It is genuinely heartbreaking watching all of that go down along with the rest of the world, we see it all unfold. As you said, a lot of those people were my peers. It’s such a tough time. But it’s tough for every company right now. WWE is in the limelight. All of that stuff was made public. I know that even back home, my brother still has his job, but a lot of people in his company were let go. My sister, she’s a fighter over in Bali. Everyone’s struggling. It’s just such a strange, sad time,” she said.

She continued, “ No matter what your position is in the company, it is always that sort of unknown, right? No one’s ever 100 hundred percent safe, so it was terrifying in that sense. I’m super grateful to still be able to do what I’m doing.”

You can read the full interview at this link.