Dakota Kai Discusses NXT Locker Room Reaction To USA Move, NXT Roster’s Goals

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Dakota Kai Discusses NXT Locker Room Reaction To USA Move, NXT Roster’s Goals

WWE NXT star Dakota Kai was recently interviewed by Bleacher Report to talk about several professional wrestling topics. Kai discussed the NXT locker room’s reaction to the move over to the USA Network and now being on live television, as well as the roster’s goals as a whole, and how they’ve changed.

Here are the highlights:

Jonathan Snowden: You’re the first NXT performer I’ve talked to since the move to the USA Network. I’m curious about how life has changed at the Performance Center now that you guys are doing two hours of weekly national TV. Is there a different energy there?

Dakota Kai: I think I can speak for everyone here—a lot of us at NXT and at the Performance Center have been dreaming about this for a long time. And, I know that us going to TV on the USA Network was something that was in the works for a while. I want to say over a year they’ve been talking about it and then they finally pulled the trigger on it.

There’s a lot of responsibility on our shoulders, especially those of us who are on TV every Wednesday, to make sure we show everyone what we already know and what the NXT Universe faithful have already seen over the last few years that NXT has been a thing.

There’s a lot of excitement.The energy has been very, very exciting. It makes a lot of the new trainees at the Performance Center want to step up their game because there are a lot of opportunities for everyone to show what they are capable of. It’s been crazy.

JS: Now what’s the goal? As we move into 2020, what are you guys aiming for? What’s the goal for NXT Superstars right now? Does the idea of the main roster still exist?

Dakota Kai: I don’t think we really look to Raw and SmackDown as moving up to the main roster anymore. We are the main roster now. The only difference before was that Raw and SmackDown were on television and we were on the WWE Network. Now that we are also on that same level, the main goal of everyone at NXT is to just keep bringing it and to really elevate everyone within the brand itself.

We are the third brand, and a lot of us are so very loyal to NXT. We want to stay and just help elevate it to that level. I mean, us being on the USA Network is the first step but we have so much work to do in terms of continuing to bring your eyes to NXT and show everyone watching that we are on the same level as Raw and SmackDown.

They’re doing their thing too, but I think here at NXT, we offer something edgy. We offer the kind of wrestling that I think a lot of people crave.

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