Daivari ‘Suspended’ By MLW After Actions At Never Say Never

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Daivari ‘Suspended’ By MLW After Actions At Never Say Never


Daivari happened to play a factor in this week’s marquee main event at MLW Never Say Never and now one of CONTRA Unit’s newest members is going the pay the piper via the hands of time.

Major League Wrestling revealed via its website that the ring veteran has been fined and suspended after interfering on Jacob Fatu’s behalf and will be gone for at least two months. In addition to that CONTRA has been fined an undisclosed amount. You can read the league’s full announcement below:

“The prestige and integrity of championship bouts is paramount to the league,” said MLW CEO & Founder Court Bauer. “What went down in the closing moments of Tankman-Fatu was outrageous.”

Many share Bauer’s sentiment with CONTRA’s conduct during and perhaps before the match, with Tankman suffering food poisoning. However, it was the closing moments of the championship bout that enraged many with Daivari’s involvement having a direct impact on the outcome of the championship fight.

Now, league officials are holding CONTRA accountable. Moments ago, the league suspended Daivari for 2 months for his involvement in the outcome of the title fight. Further, the league has fined CONTRA Unit and undisclosed amount.

At Never Say Never, Daivari literally got into the ring to help distract the official as World Champ Fatu made sure to utilize the flag pole of CONTRA to take out his worthy adversary in Calvin Tankman. Fatu struck Calvin with the pole before hitting his moonsault and retaining the title he’s held for going on two years.

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