Da Pope On His Return To The Ring, NWA TV Title Win: ‘It Only Goes Up From Here’

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Da Pope On His Return To The Ring, NWA TV Title Win: ‘It Only Goes Up From Here’

Da Pope is still pimpin’ and now he’s the NWA World Television Champion.

Da Pope, aka Elijah Burke, recently spoke with WrestleZone Managing Editor Bill Pritchard about his return to the ring. His latest run in the wrestling business saw Pope step into the ring on UWN Prime Time Live and win the NWA Television Championship from Zicky Dice. Pope said that he had a different role in mind when he joined NWA as a commentator but timing played a major role in why he ended up appearing for the company as a wrestler.

“I like to tell people, especially those that follow me on social media, obviously they’re aware that Pope is in the ring and doing his thing. But as you said, that was not the plan. That was not Pope’s purpose or role in NWA when I came back for NWA Powerrr. And this, again, it’s well-known that my role was to get The Bouncers over the hump, be the mouthpiece, be their J.J. Dillon, be their Jimmy Hart, whatever the case you wanna make. And I think the biggest thing that got me back in there for Powerrr and the United Wrestling Network for the NWA was simply timing. And we all know how that works. Just timing, you know.”

Pope said stepping back into the ring was not a hard decision for him at all. He noted that his time to prepare was altered because of short notice and the pandemic, but he knows he always has to be ready for an important opportunity like this when it comes along.

“Hard for me only in the sense that you get a ‘pandemic version’ of Pope. I didn’t have any time to prepare the way I would like to prepare, physically or mentally. I didn’t have a chance to get in the ring or go around because, for the past couple of months, I was inactive. The last show I did was about two months ago. That’s just, you always gotta be ready. And I’m always ready and I’m healthy. I know a lot of folks felt maybe Pope was injured or whatever, that’s why he wasn’t wrestling. No, that was never the case. But I believe in doing stuff that matters, and if it’s not going to matter, then I don’t want to be a part of it, you know, especially on a national scale. So I’m not going to step back in the ring for a ‘throwaway match’ if that makes sense to you.”

Despite not planning to wrestle for NWA, Pope says the sky’s the limit for how long this run lasts.

“It only goes up from here. It only goes up. Yeah, I plan on getting back in the ring. I plan on defending the title as long as possible. I plan on making a run for the NWA Worlds Championship Title. Yeah, it only goes up. I plan on getting, I’m in good shape now, I plan on getting in greater shape here soon. Because now I know where I’m going, I know what I’m doing, and while I don’t know the plan ahead of time, I like to be prepared, and I will be best prepared when those plans come to fruition.”

Follow Da Pope on Twitter — @DaBlackPope. You can also learn more information and donate to his The Love-Alive Charity, helping people in need in the Jacksonville area by clicking this link.

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