D-Von Dudley Shares Update On Potential In-Ring Return

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D-Von Dudley recently provided an update regarding his medical condition, stating that he will be undergoing an MRI to determine whether he can return to wrestling soon. He departed from his role as a backstage producer in WWE in January.

Speaking with Bill Apter of Sportskeeda Wrestling about the possibility of resuming his wrestling career, D-Von Dudley disclosed that despite having undergone a significant back surgery last year, he and Bully Ray have discussed reuniting if his medical evaluation turns out well. He said,

“Me and Bubba have talked about it. It’s not, you know, unheard of. You know, I did have major back surgery. So, I just took the X-rays today and that’s going to be sent to my doctor to see if everything is good and I actually take my MRI tomorrow to see if the fusions that took place, everything is still intact.”

“So, once I get the okay from that, within the next week or two, I will be able to determine whether I’m going to get back in the ring. It looks very good.”

With Bully Ray having been a prominent feature in Impact Wrestling and NWA of late, we could see a Dudley Boyz reunion come to fruition soon.

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