Curt Stallion (Stallion Rogers) Issues Statement, Addresses Past Transphobic Remarks

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Curt Stallion (Stallion Rogers) Issues Statement, Addresses Past Transphobic Remarks

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Last June, Stallion Rogers, formerly known as Curt Stallion, made some transphobic comments during an appearance on the Double K Show. The podcast episode was taken down, but the audio is still available here.

During the interview, Rogers seemingly admitted to groping a victim who accused him of touching him inappropriately. Rogers also called the victim “butthurt” because he unfollowed him, and he additionally mocked transgender men by calling them “purple hair dudes on Twitter who say they’re chicks.” (H/t Brian Jones of Pop Culture.)

In recent days, these comments have resurfaced, and multiple promotions have pulled Stallion from upcoming shows in the wake of this controversy. On Wednesday, Rogers issued a statement in a video he posted on his Twitter page. The message in its entirety is as follows:

“Hi, my name’s Cameron Rogers, I wrestle as Stallion Rogers, formerly known as Curt Stallion. It’s been brought to my attention that at some point in the past, I said some really stupid transphobic s— on a podcast that I should have never said. I’ve taken a few days to address the issue at hand because I needed to really step back and reflect on myself to make sure that this wasn’t just gonna be some PR stunt to save my career or whatever because that’s not what this is about, nor has it ever been. I am disgusted with the way that I’ve made people feel with the things that I said. I never wanted to be that guy, nor do I ever want to be.

“So with that said, I sincerely apologize to anybody whose feelings were hurt by the things that I said or anything that I’ve done in the past, recorded or not. I would like to grow from this and move on. Hopefully we can do that together. so with that said, any.future potential bookings that I may receive for the rest of 2021, I’ll be donating a percentage of that to the National Center for Trans Equality. Thank you all very much, and have a wonderful rest of your week.”

— Stallion Rogers (@CamronCRogers) October 6, 2021

Rogers was released from WWE during a wave of cuts on June 25; he has been taking independent bookings, and he appeared on AEW Dark last month.

WrestleZone will provide more details as they become available.

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