Curt Hawkins Compares His Two Releases, Predicts Wrestling Will Bounce Back Stronger Than Ever

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Curt Hawkins Compares His Two Releases, Predicts Wrestling Will Bounce Back Stronger Than Ever

Photo by Etsuo Hara/Getty Images

Brian Meyers, formerly known as WWE superstar Curt Hawkins, recently appeared on The Chris Van Vliet Show and discussed several topics, ranging from his release to his time as an Edge Head. Here are some highlights.

On his release in 2014:

Hawkins: “Oh it’s not even comparable, for me at least. In 2014, I was dying to go, you know? It was probably the worst point in my career, and it sounds maybe idiotic to say, you know? You’re making six figures and working for WWE but like I was being paid, basically I got hurt in 2012 and never ever got like full time travel again, like not even close. It’d be months and then I’d go to a random TV and then months off so I felt like I was being paid to not participate in something that I love to no end so the way it made me feel was so awful that like I couldn’t wait. I just wanted to go somewhere, even when I wrestled in the VFW in front of 25 people, just to feel appreciated, was like what I wanted. I wanted to do my craft and he appreciated no matter what. And it’s weird. To be paid to not participate in something you love was just an awful awful feeling for me so when I got that call in 2014, at first I thought they were gonna make me go to the PC and do something and I was like, ‘Come on,’ and then it was that I’m fired and I was like, ‘Yes! I’m fired! Okay, yeah.’ I don’t know why, looking back on it, maybe I should have just manned up and quit or something but it was one of the best things that ever happened.”

On how this release is different:

Hawkins: “I just wasn’t expecting it. I mean, I could be completely honest with you and everybody watching or listening to this, like I had just signed the previous spring s a five year contract. I did some time in 2018 as a producer even, when I got hurt and I was just kind of not, I mentally was like okay, this is my life, you know? I signed this long-term deal, this is where I’m going to be, you know, the seeds have been planted for a career out of the ring with WWE you know so I was really cemented and mentally and in my heart it was being a part of this WWE family for a long time to come, you know? So it was shocking and I didn’t expect them to let go of so many people in the middle of this pandemic when I mean even to right now, no other wrestling company has done so. But somehow the most powerful one in the world did, it’s a little headscratching, you know? I don’t make those decisions but it is what it is.”

On whether he hopes to return to WWE:

Hawkins: “You know, obviously it’s never say never and I think I have a great relationship with WWE, you know? People with the worst relationship ever have come back so I would never say never, you know, I can’t just sit around and wait for that and, you know, feel sorry for myself, that’s just not my style. I’m super excited, I mean after the I’d say about the 24 hour shock of being let go, it’s like rear view mirror for me, you know. I’m moving ahead, I want to do things I want to do while I still can while I’m still young and healthy and feel great and pre-pandemic, pro wrestling was unreal booming on fire all over the place, so the possibilities and the opportunities are so endless and exciting so whatever, you know? It’s like dwelling on an ex-girlfriend, I’m not gonna sit around and wait for her to call me, you know? I’m gonna go out and live my life.”

On how the wrestling industry will emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic:

Hawkins: “I think, from this low, we’re gonna see maybe even a higher high because the wrestlers the fans, everybody’s gonna be so appreciative of the art of pro wrestling when it’s finally back in its live form, the way it’s supposed to be. I think it’s gonna be a really exciting time.”

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