Cryptic Twitter Post by Wyatt Sicks Hints at the Roots of Uncle Howdy’s Moniker

Cryptic Twitter Post by Wyatt Sicks Hints at the Roots of Uncle Howdy’s Moniker
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The Wyatt Sick6 persist in delivering the mysteries and expansive world creation that was Bray Wyatt’s hallmark, with every vignette, QR code, and promo intended to harbor deeper meaning and absolutely no room for filler.

This Monday evening on WWE Raw, the enigmatic Bo Dallas – in the guise of his character, Uncle Howdy – engaged in a self-interview addressing his internal struggle over the loss of Bray Wyatt. It was one of the most transparent layers of backstory that the WWE has provided for these characters, both in its fictional reality and outside of it, creating a ripple in the established canon.

A possible evolution of the lore came to light via a tweet from earlier:

Building on the Monday Raw segment, one might surmise (as I personally infer it) that the pseudonym Uncle Howdy was derived by distilling the inquiry “How did it feel when your brother died?”.

While this seems like a bit of stretch, it’s a leap WWE is evidently willing to take. We understand that if the narrative were to unfold in this manner, it would technically be a rewrite since Uncle Howdy’s character precedes Wyatt’s demise. Yet, in the world of WWE, such narrative changes are commonplace. Who concretely remembers the authentic murderer of Undertaker and Kane’s parents? And when was the last time Edge and Christian’s actual brotherhood was mentioned or the connection between The Godfather and Papa Shango recalled?

Should WWE persists in elaborating these characters in such a manner, it will pique curiosity if the other characters’ origin stories would receive similar treatment. The character of Mercy the Buzzard, for example, originally intended to nod at Waylon Mercy – Dan Spivey’s creation inspired by Robert De Niro’s Max Cady in the movie Cape Fear. Will this reference remain, or will we be witnessing another reimagination?

What are your thoughts on this tweet’s interpretation? Are you eagerly anticipating more revelations about The Wyatt Sicks or find it more laughable, as some fans seem to do? Share your perspectives in the comments section below!