Critique from Ex-WWE Wrestler on Nia Jax’s Comeback

Critique from Ex-WWE Wrestler on Nia Jax’s Comeback
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Nia Jax came back to WWE on RAW last Monday and attacked Raquel Rodriguez, which helped Rhea Ripley keep her World Women’s Title.

She hasn’t been in the wrestling spotlight since her 2021 WWE release, except for her appearance in the 2023 Women’s Royal Rumble Match.


Former WWE star Stevie Richards criticized Nia’s return in a video on his YouTube channel, where he explained what went wrong during the segment.

“This is an excellent shot of Nia on the second rope, about to come off the second rope onto Rhea. I was hoping maybe a Vader Splash something like that, still snug, still tight, still knocks the wind out of you, but essentially safe. That’s not what happened. (…) I wanna show you frame by frame what’s wrong with this. Now, as she’s jumping off, her hands right here should stay on the rope to protect Rhea Ripley, to not crush her ribs.”

“So, she comes down and watch this. She could hold on but she let’s go. Even if it’s just the last second, all her weight is coming down on Rhea Ripley right now and crushing her. Legitimately just squashing her right there. It’s just unnecessary and I’m gonna explain why. You got a girl that’s the champion, that’s your top draw as a woman’s wrestler and you’re putting her in a position like this to get injured.”

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Nia Jax’s Return to WWE Raises Concerns About In-Ring Safety

Nia Jax, a former WWE star, made her return to the wrestling world on RAW last Monday. However, her comeback has sparked controversy and raised concerns about in-ring safety. In a recent video on his YouTube channel, former WWE star Stevie Richards criticized Nia’s return and highlighted what went wrong during her segment.

During the match, Nia Jax attacked Raquel Rodriguez, which ultimately helped Rhea Ripley retain her World Women’s Title. This was Nia’s first appearance in the wrestling spotlight since her release from WWE in 2021, apart from her participation in the 2023 Women’s Royal Rumble Match.

Richards analyzed a specific moment in the match where Nia was on the second rope, preparing to jump onto Rhea Ripley. He pointed out that Nia should have kept her hands on the rope to protect Rhea and avoid injuring her ribs. However, as Nia descended, she let go of the rope entirely, causing all her weight to come crashing down on Rhea.

Richards emphasized that this unnecessary move put Rhea, who is the champion and a top draw as a women’s wrestler, at risk of injury. He expressed concern about the potential consequences of such a dangerous maneuver and questioned the decision to put Rhea in such a vulnerable position.

The video by Stevie Richards provides a frame-by-frame analysis of the incident, highlighting the potential dangers and risks associated with Nia’s actions. It serves as a reminder of the importance of prioritizing safety in professional wrestling and ensuring that performers are protected from unnecessary harm.

This incident has sparked discussions among wrestling fans and professionals about the need for stricter safety measures and protocols in the industry. It also raises questions about the responsibility of both performers and management in ensuring the well-being of wrestlers during matches.

As fans and critics continue to voice their concerns, it is crucial for WWE and other wrestling promotions to address these issues and take appropriate steps to prioritize the safety of their performers. The incident involving Nia Jax serves as a reminder that even experienced wrestlers can make mistakes that have serious consequences.

In conclusion, Nia Jax’s return to WWE has brought attention to the importance of in-ring safety. The criticism from Stevie Richards highlights the need for performers to prioritize the well-being of their opponents and avoid unnecessary risks. This incident should serve as a catalyst for discussions and improvements in safety protocols within the wrestling industry.