Court Bauer: Thinking About MLW’s Exciting Future Makes It ‘Hard For Me To Sleep At Night’

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Court Bauer: Thinking About MLW’s Exciting Future Makes It ‘Hard For Me To Sleep At Night’


For Major League Wrestling, the next few months are set to be quite buzzworthy.

In an interview with Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, Court Bauer, the CEO of the company, shared his excitement surrounding MLW’s future. From the reveal of El Jefe to the return of live fans in July, along with the VICE TV deal, the company is entering a fascinating new chapter. Bauer explained how these new developments make this summer the perfect time to bring live fans back.

“[Fans] bring so much life to our shows,” said Bauer. “Coupled with Fatu-Hammerstone and the emergence of Azteca Underground, from a creative point of view, it’s hard for me to sleep at night thinking about what’s ahead. We’re very excited to show where this goes next.”

The MLW Open Draft will bridge the gap between the end of this past season of MLW Fusion and the company’s return in July. In the interview, Bauer teased that the draft will add even more talent to the company’s intriguing roster.

“We’re also going to have the draft, which will expand and upgrade our roster,” said Bauer. “There is a lot to anticipate on what’s ahead.”

The #MLWDRAFT is this week! Who are your TOP 3 free agent picks?

— MLW on VICE | Saturdays (@MLW) May 16, 2021

To elaborate, the MLW Ceo hinted that the draft will offer some major clues about MLW’s new era with a mix of talented wrestlers from all over the world.

“[The draft] will reveal the next era of MLW, with some prospects, international talent and star power.-,” said Bauer. “A lot of talent will be returning, but the draft is really going to unlock itself in a lot of surprising ways.”

Finally, Bauer offered some insight into Azteca Underground, perhaps the most compelling aspect of the road ahead for MLW. He called the “project” a chance for the company to open some eyes, even in the crowded landscape of professional wrestling.

“Wrestling fans across the world love luchadores, but the genre hasn’t been showcased in a consistent manner in America,” said Bauer. “Azteca Underground will provide that for the fans. Wrestling is also a super-competitive landscape, and we have an opportunity to really stand out with this project.”

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