Court Bauer On MLW Women’s Division: My Plan Is For The Women To Eventually Have Their Own ‘League’

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Court Bauer On MLW Women’s Division: My Plan Is For The Women To Eventually Have Their Own ‘League’


Major League Wrestling continues to roll out its new Women’s Featherweight Division, and in a media call to promote the promotion’s Fightland event, CEO Court Bauer described how this weight class is just the beginning; eventually, he hopes to present an all-women’s league. At the very least, Bauer described his vision of a women’s division with weight classes, just like MLW’s men’s divisions.

” My plan, ultimately like looking back, you know, at this from 30,000 feet, my plan is that, I don’t know if it’s in five years or whenever, is to have the women have their own league, where it’s Major League Women, essentially, where…they have their own league,” said Bauer.”They don’t have to share any time with the men. I absolutely believe in the equality and the ratio, but to me, to have your own absolute, your own dedicated platform and league is the best representation you can give someone. So we’re gonna continue to scale it up.”

Bauer then emphasized the focus on the distinct weight-based groups, much like the ones seen in other combat sports, and he noted that it would be “archaic” to have one women’s championship while the men are separated by weight class.

“We’re starting with the featherweight division, which goes up to about 145 pounds,” said Bauer. “It’s funny, a lot of people think it’s like a gimmick name, and it’s like no, this is a weight class that’s been around for 100 years in boxing, and UFC has a featherweight division, and it’s not like some gimmicky name for the women’s division. To me, to just have a stand-alone women’s division and not have the reflection like we have with the men, where they have weight classes in MLW, is kind of archaic to say you have a women’s title.

“They deserve weight classes just like the men have weight classes….My goal is ultimately to build this thing out so you can scale it up to having different divisions.”

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