Court Bauer Claims WWE Must Be Held Responsible For “Wounding” MLW

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Throughout a current look on the Talk is Jerichopodcast, MLW creator Court Bauer discussed his business’s claim versus WWE and why Vince McMahon’s business ought to be held liable for suffocating MLW and other rivals for many years.

< img class=" alignnone size-full wp-image-311114" src= "" alt=" "width=" 645 "height=" 370" srcset=" 645w, 300w "sizes=" (max-width: 645px) 100vw, 645px"/ > Bauer states WWE’ nearly mortally injured’ MLW, which is the factor for the modified suit submitted today. You can take a look at some highlights from the podcast listed below:

On MLW’s problems with WWE and what caused the claim: “Rewinding to 2021, I was talking up like, ‘We got this huge offer, it’s coming, it’s coming, it’s coming.’ We have the media embargo, they understood it was going down, the night prior to the press release was going out, the documents were signed, and then we’re informed, ‘Deal off.’ That, long story short, activated an antitrust claim with WWE. I ‘d reached the top, right, it’s so difficult to get a television offer. It’s hard. It does not matter just how much cash you have, how excellent your item is or not. It’s simply a difficult thing to do. Specifically now, when the material is king age has actually sort of fallen and the gig is dead and now it’s simply a rush to get the very best offer you can. We acted best prior to that shit struck the fan. After that streaming offer went south, I generally needed to go back out there and begin over, like Groundhog Day, and begin shopping and pitching and doing it all over once again. It’s like getting tore down from the top of the mountain and going through all of it over once again and simply attempting to keep business afloat while you go through that. 2 years later on, and we needed to go through the pandemic and we needed to go through all this things. By the method too, billionaires simply doing what they carry out in the middle of this, it wasn’t simple, therefore conference after conference, and we arrived with REELZ and we signed the agreement in December and revealed it in January, and we’re so elated to be there.”

On dealing with Reelz: “REELZ has actually grown, it’s one of the uncommon stories of being a cable television network that is a success story in 2023. A lot of remain in this contracting state or they’re losing viewership. It’s simply the natural development of cable television, and what’s occurring with REELZ is they’re growing. They are now a leading 25 network. To provide you a contrast, VICE remains in the high 70s, AXS TELEVISION, which has New Japan and IMPACT, ranked like 98 [or] 99. I believe TNT and TBS drift anywhere, depending upon the week, from number 8 or 9 to 12. The exact same for USA because ballpark. FOX Sports 1 remains in the high 50s, MTV’s ranked in the 40s. We’re in a leading 25 network. They hover in between 23 and 26 most weeks, however that’s substantial. I believe for us, we’ve had men like Hammerstone and Fatu in the business. Prior to MJF remained in AEW and Tony Schiavone made his return, they remained in MLW, however our network at the time was ranked like 136, beIN Sports. For us to jump practically 110 channels to REELZ, it’s like, ‘Finally, we got the platform. Individuals are gon na discover out [ Hammerstone], Fatu, all these men in MLW’.”

On holding WWE responsible: “Look at Ring of Honor and New Japan when they ran the Garden. I understand AEW’s had concerns, whether it’s agreement tampering, whether it’s arena concerns. This sh * t’s been going on for 40 years. Simply ask the promoters through the years, and how were they injured? How were they harmed? For us, we were nearly mortally injured, and it was time to hold them liable, so that’s what I did. I believe Vince is the type of person that simply, the WWE as an entire, they wish to manage, they wish to have optimal market share. They wish to suffocate the rivals by virtue of, take a look at how it’s taken place. Display A through Z, it promotes itself.”

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