Court Bauer Addresses Possible MLW Title Unification, Fightland Main Event Was ‘What The Fans And The Story Deserved’

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Court Bauer Addresses Possible MLW Title Unification, Fightland Main Event Was ‘What The Fans And The Story Deserved’


Court Bauer says sometimes things make too much sense not to happen, as is the case for the Title vs. Title Match between Jacob Fatu and Alex Hammerstone that went down this past weekend at MLW: Fightland.

MLW CEO Court Bauer recently spoke with Forbes to discuss why that major bout made the most sense not only for the fans, but for the story between the two champions.

“I knew that this is where we were going, this was the biggest match we could do,” Bauer explained. “During the pandemic, what we did is just pivoted while we were shut down and not running. How can we look at our talent and help them during this uncertain time? So we restructured some deals to help the talent out. I always tell the talent ‘we’re going to grow together. If I grow this on the business end and you bring it in the ring, we all will grow together.’ So during that period of time, we closed deals. We were able to expand our payroll and our budgets, so I restructured Hammerstone’s deal, I restructured Fatu’s deal, so now I had more stability and I had them for more years. It gave me all the more confidence that we could wait this out for years and years and years with these guys so let’s just stick with it because the fans deserve the best payoff, the talent deserves the best payoff and the story deserved the best payoff.”

Hammerstone would go on to defeat Fatu at MLW Fightland and in doing so, became the promotion’s first dual-champion as he now holds the MLW National Openweight Championship and MLW World Heavyweight Championship. Asked about the possibility that fans will see a title unification or Hammerstone relinquish one of the belts, Bauer said it should be more obvious in the coming weeks.

“The titles will be under one person, and it’s up to that winner in what they decide to do,” said Bauer. “In most cases they relinquish the title, but it depends on the scenario. I think if you tune in during the weeks ahead on MLW Fusion, you’ll probably figure out how it plays out.”

Court Bauer also addressed future plans for MLW’s Women’s division and how he envisions a “Major League Women” show. Read his comments about how he plans on expanding the league’s footprint at this link.

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