Corey Graves Wants To See Bad Bunny vs. Logan Paul Take Place In Puerto Rico

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Corey Graves wants to see a match between Bad Bunny and Logan Paul in Puerto Rico.

Bunny and Paul, who have received very high praise from WWE management and fans alike for their in-ring work, both have connections to Puerto Rico. Bunny grew up on the Caribbean island, while Paul currently resides there.


Speaking on WWE’s “After the Bell” podcast, the WWE RAW commentator expressed his desire to see the two men face off in a singles match in Puerto Rico.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On the potential for a Paul vs. Bad Bunny match in Puerto Rico: “When are we going to get Logan Paul vs. Bad Bunny in a WWE ring on a premium live event? I know [WWE is] working extensively on trying to do more international shows. It’s a hell of an excuse to go back to Puerto Rico.”

On the potential of the match: “If Bad Bunny vs. Logan Paul were to be made, … everybody else in the locker room would be begging to get on the card. I think these are two celebrities that are occupying the space right now who actually have the chops to go out and not embarrass themselves, not expose the business, not make anybody else look ‘less than,’ but in fact raise the profile of WWE beyond the entertainment space.”

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