Corey Graves Wants Matt Hardy To Remain With WWE; Pitches More Creative Involvement

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Corey Graves Wants Matt Hardy To Remain With WWE; Pitches More Creative Involvement

Corey Graves After The Bell

Photo Credit: WWE

On the latest episode of WWE After The Bell with Corey Graves, Graves addresses the recent words swirling around the world of Matt Hardy, who finds himself in wrestling limbo, more ways than one. Graves first starts off by saying Matt is great at fooling all of us when it comes to his videos being released and hopes that any implications that he may be leaving WWE are more “broken” than “woken.”

“Matt is a master of being creative and creating doubt and raising questions amongst the Internet wrestling community. Let’s be honest, Matt can play us all like a fiddles when it comes to his videos, and look, it’s no secret, Matt has sort of been hinting at the fact that maybe his days in WWE are numbered. I certainly hope that’s not the case on a personal level because I consider him a friend and a really great guy.”

Corey then asks why someone as innovative as Matt isn’t involved more on the creative side of things in WWE.

“I also want to know why someone as creatively gifted as Matt Hardy isn’t asked or invited to contribute in a creative role. I don’t know that he’s been vocal about that anywhere but in the television locker room where we sit and complain about life, but I think Matt Hardy would be a great addition to the creative end of things here in WWE. We’ve seen what he is capable of on his own outside of WWE and within and I mean, the guy’s resume speaks for itself. It’s not like you’re hiring some guy off the street who went to theater school, this is Matt freakin’ Hardy – one half of one of the greatest tag teams of all time. The guy is awesome. He is of great value and importance in my opinion.

Graves closes his take off by clarifying he hasn’t recently spoke with Hardy but hopes he and WWE can come together to find the right role for such a legendary talent.

“Let’s do right by Matt. And again, I haven’t talked to him recently, I don’t even know if that what he wants, but I’m going out in public and saying, ‘Matt Hardy, find your role in WWE and embrace it and WWE, find a better role for Matt Hardy because we want him.'”

Before that, Grave also wonders of the whereabouts of The IIconics, who haven’t been seen on WWE programming in awhile. He also admits that he’s even not sure what roster the duo are currently on.

“Where the hell are The IIconics? Honest to God, I haven’t seen them even in passing in backstage, I think they’re on RAW which would explain it, but I have not seen them anywhere but Instagram in the past several months and these are the former Women’s Tag Team Champions and two of the most entertaining people on the entire roster. Wherever you are hiding Billie, wherever you are hiding Peyton, please come back. We miss you.”

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

You can hear the latest episode of After The Bell below that features guests appearances from Dolph Ziggler and R-Truth.

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