Corey Graves Talks His Mission Statement For ‘After The Bell’ Podcast & Going To Saudi Arabia

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Corey Graves Talks His Mission Statement For ‘After The Bell’ Podcast & Going To Saudi Arabia

Sports Illustrated‘s Justin Barrasso talked with Corey Graves before his WWE After The Bell podcast drops for the first time this Wednesday and the color commentary man for Friday Night SmackDown believes he’s in a unique position to get the most out of the weekly podcast.

“I can give a perspective that won’t be available anywhere else,” said Graves. “I’m most excited to give current superstars a bigger platform to show who they are as people beyond characters.

“Most of the podcasts I’ve heard are from people who left WWE, but this is different. I’m working from the inside and I have access to the talent. Look at Seth—he’s had some social media speed bumps recently and got in a few spats that painted him in less than a great position, but you’re dealing with Twitter and 140 characters. Now we’ll have time for an actual conversation without an agenda, and I’m really excited to see where it goes.”

Graves promises to give fans a honest view from his perspective on episodes of “After The Bell.”

“That is my personal mission statement,” said Graves. “I’m going to give an honest view of WWE and outside WWE. I’m looking to give a different perspective and give the point of view from within the machine.”

In the piece, Graves addressed the company once more making their second trip to Saudi Arabia this year and Graves looks at it as sometimes you do things you love and things you don’t love when you’re at the job.

“It is what it is. This is not about politics for the talent, it’s about doing what we do best on the planet all over the planet. Everyone that works for any company has things they love and things they don’t love, but what we’re all focused on is having to fly back to SmackDown in Buffalo the next day.”

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