Corey Graves Predicts Big E vs. The Fiend At WrestleMania; Stars To Watch Out For In 2020

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Corey Graves Predicts Big E vs. The Fiend At WrestleMania; Stars To Watch Out For In 2020

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Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images

Corey Grave went quite bold in his prediction for the WrestleMania 36 main event down in Tampa, Florida and it involves the home state hero, Big E.

Graves thinks setting off Big E on a singles run is the way to go and there’s no better way to showcase it then at “The Showcase Of The Immortals”:

“With The Universal Championship on the line, The Fiend, the reigning champion will defend against Big E from The New Day. I said it here on After The Bell, it is about damn time for Big E to get his just due and have his opportunity at a big time singles run. I think Big E versus The Fiend under the bright lights of WrestleMania in Tampa, FL could be truly memorable.”

Before he gave that prediction, Graves gave some other predictions as to who will be the wrestlers to watch out for in 2020 and it starts with Drew McIntyre:

“I’m going to go on record of saying right now, if there is any justice in the world, the biggest year for any Superstar in WWE should be Drew McIntyre. Drew McIntyre is a megastar, always on the verge of really breaking out. I think Drew is the guy or one of the guys that can carry WWE proudly into the future so I hope I’m right on that one for my sake and for everyone’s sake because Drew McIntyre is freaking awesome.”

Graves also thinks someone who is more than ready to have a breakout year is Velveteen Dream, who will be returning from injury.

“I think the biggest breakout star of 2020, has already made a pretty impressive name for himself in NXT, but I think may actually exceed beyond the walls of NXT – Velveteen Dream in 2020. Been out with an injury, one of the charismatic superstars in the business. Young, talented big things on tap in the new year for Velveteen Dream.”

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

Would you like to see Big E receive his shot at the main event title picture? Sound off on the comments below. You can listen to the entire episode of After The Bell below as well):

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