Corey Graves and CM Punk Resolve Their Differences

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On a recent edition of the “Wrestle Binge” podcast, WWE broadcaster Corey Graves revealed that he and CM Punk have buried the hatched and rekindled their friendship.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On his relationship at CM Punk: “I am proud to report that it’s all water under the bridge. It was actually at the Royal Rumble, I finally had a chance in person…I bumped into him briefly the night of Survivor Series backstage, but it was chaotic, he had just come back, everything was at 11 at the moment. So the day of the Royal Rumble, at Tropicana Field, I actually got to pull him aside for a few minutes, and we cleared the air. Had a nice, long chat.”

On apologizing to each other: “We apologized for some things over the years and realized that this is where we both belong, this is where we both want to be, and it’s been a really exciting time for me personally to be able to rekindle a friendship that meant so much to me over the years. I’m truly as excited to have Punk back here under the WWE banner as just about anybody.”

In a recent episode of the “Wrestle Binge” podcast, WWE broadcaster Corey Graves made an exciting announcement that he and former professional wrestler CM Punk have buried the hatchet and rekindled their friendship. This news has sent shockwaves through the wrestling community and has fans eagerly anticipating what this newfound friendship could mean for both Graves and Punk’s careers.

Graves revealed that the reconciliation took place at the Royal Rumble event. Although they briefly crossed paths backstage at Survivor Series, it was at the Royal Rumble where Graves had the opportunity to pull Punk aside for a private conversation. The WWE broadcaster described the moment as chaotic, with Punk having just returned to the company, but they managed to find a few minutes to clear the air and have a heartfelt chat.

During their conversation, both Graves and Punk apologized to each other for past grievances. They acknowledged that there were things that needed to be addressed and resolved, but ultimately realized that their friendship was too valuable to let go. Both individuals expressed their desire to be part of the WWE and recognized that this is where they truly belong.

Graves expressed his excitement about having Punk back under the WWE banner, stating that he is as thrilled as anyone about this development. The broadcaster emphasized the significance of rekindling a friendship that meant so much to him over the years. It is evident that Graves holds a deep appreciation for Punk’s presence within the wrestling industry and is eager to see what the future holds for both of them.

The news of Graves and Punk’s reconciliation has sparked speculation among fans about potential collaborations or storylines involving the two. With their shared history and now renewed friendship, there is no doubt that their dynamic could bring a fresh and exciting element to WWE programming. Fans are eagerly awaiting any announcements or hints about how this newfound friendship will be incorporated into future storylines.

The wrestling community has been buzzing with excitement since Graves made this revelation on the podcast. Social media platforms have been flooded with discussions and speculations about the potential impact of this reconciliation. Fans are expressing their joy and anticipation for what lies ahead, hoping that this friendship will lead to memorable moments in the wrestling world.

In conclusion, Corey Graves and CM Punk have put their differences aside and rekindled their friendship. This announcement has generated a significant amount of excitement among wrestling fans, who are eagerly awaiting the potential collaborations and storylines that may arise from this renewed bond. It is clear that both Graves and Punk are thrilled about this development, and their fans are equally excited to see what the future holds for these two influential figures in the wrestling industry.