Contemporary Jack shoots on Smoky Mountain Wrestling

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Here’s yet every other lively prowrestler. Ok he has something about d-lo let me read this a good deal of put an snarl to first earlier than we discuss about seller drew murphy from kansas metropolis missouri asks recent jack is it ravishing that dilo brown mowed jim cornett's lawn and smokey mountain and did somebody else attain lawn fancy him if that's a racial .

Attitude that cornet extinct to discuss about or what but did dilo reduce his grass ah yes he did jeff when they’d a 45 level perspective in this freaking entrance job we went spherical that one day and saw a puny bit cutting the grass i'm except now neutral delight in i'm done .

After you neutral situation [ __ ] again 400 years i'm quitting i stop raze me shoot the [ __ ] at me poo i [ __ ] stop he did it k i stutter to god he did it all ravishing huge sexy is again shifting on physician propulsic oh boy from how smartly attain you .

Accumulate along with the hour of darkness excuse me with the rock and roll specific man that sorry [ __ ] ricky moy man i delight in ricky man k dude ricky and robert i never had a destructive part to speak about either one of them [ __ ] because ricky robert .

Tracy smothers took me by my [ __ ] hand when i purchased this smokey mountain and walked me by this [ __ ] exchange i purchased a break path on what it became to be taught be a [ __ ] persona from ricket robert and [ __ ] tracy tracy had me one time we did a goddamn i know this about rock and roll but i'm .

Gonna speak it anyway tracy had one time we did a goddamn match and we labored we were doing spots reversals and this and that and y'all y'all purchased it i became delight in rattling i did that check but tracy and tracy caught a total match rick and lift will call the total man .

They didn't call my disfavor attach by the point he didn't direct me what to [ __ ] attain survey and that i became equivalent to you realize here’s delight in scholar and teacher and that i be delight in rating out about y'all know what to attain so one day ricky said jay what are you gonna call a suite i said i purchased one attach he said what i said .

I are looking to attain a working clothesline on the facet of the ringer he said smartly it's about time i said smartly ricky rating out about y'all been doing supreme-looking you realize what i'm announcing and that i mean dude dull [ __ ] taught me so goddamn critical in this kind of short duration of [ __ ] time you realize what i'm .

Asserting and that i credit rating them for serving to me plenty when i first purchased in this [ __ ] exchange ricky ross stutter to god delight in one memoir became i ain't gonna hunch this [ __ ] out too long one evening i'll nearly about the ring it's white dude delight in .

God rattling [ __ ] your [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] scurry [ __ ] you [ __ ] jungle monkey bunny what the [ __ ] i'm delight in oh my god so we did the [ __ ] match and after the match he runs up at present you goddamn [ __ ] you [ __ ] dude i dangle you [ __ ] i'm delight in oh that's .

It i ran after he ran out the again door now he purchased on some tight-ass jeans and some cowboy boots he became outruning me out the again door it became delight in a comedy scene it became him me stopper ricky robert the referee security followers down by the woods and that i didn't remove it when i finally .

Came again i near and locked when i sit down down ricky said jack i ain't attempting to direct you what to attain i neutral are looking to merely speak to get a puny bit bit of recommendation he said whenever you are making somebody so [ __ ] indignant they’re looking to call you [ __ ] you doing all of your job he said your boo .

Is delight in my applause he said that they didn't reply to you at all then you positively will bear got an field he said but so long as you making these folks that goddamn man the attach they’re looking to merely near and neutral call you [ __ ] and [ __ ] are looking to dangle you and all extra or much less [ __ ] he said god rattling it you .

Are over delight in a [ __ ] but i mean brian but within the exchange that long so delight in i ain't the yell of no [ __ ] delight in that he said jack neutral designate separate yourself out of your persona and that i became delight in [ __ ] that ricky he known as me then he's a shaggy dog memoir he said we promoting tickets and that i became delight in k yeah i wager it's .

All making sense now yeah you realize what i'm announcing but i mean it took a whereas but it in point of fact became delight in neutral being spherical that extra or much less [ __ ] ravishing helped me produce my persona even extra so then after that due to ricky and robert and the total mother cats it neutral made me realize how easy i could well make white folks indignant .

By doing primarily the most easy [ __ ] and be [ __ ] over delight in a [ __ ] with neutral neutral doing [ __ ] that i know would piss them the [ __ ] them supreme segue into this video yeah recent jack i in point of fact delight in the plot in which you push the envelope in smoky mountain wrestling .

Does that ever get you into any problems equivalent to you realize on the toll road or the leisure did it is doubtless you’ll well bear got any scoot-ins with the kkk perchance some scary scenarios i'm certain need to bear developed any time the attach you legitimately feared your lifestyles with a put an snarl to thank you very critical .

Smokey mountain kkk me entering danger no it never came about it never came about let me survey let me direct you first time i’ll this town in kentucky they speak it became a dry county here’s earlier than i even viewed ever since ever i ain't no one announcing man i near out to the goddamn ring i had a .

40 ounce my saint eyes now here’s a supreme memoir it is doubtless you’ll well also scurry rating out about this up it became on the within the newspaper that they done this article about saint eyes and it's illegal within the dispute of tennessee it's a managed substance delight in cocaine insane guys and [ __ ] crazy lawyers .

And within the paper it said linked eyes and crazy horse mates minorities in parentheses murky folks and mexicans no longer hispanics violent it is doubtless you’ll well no longer be caught with it having that [ __ ] within the again to your automobile and be delight in having a [ __ ] key or cocaine and that's how they presented it .

In the newspaper yes so i'll near out to the ring with this [ __ ] 40 ounce and that i'm a head [ __ ] get within the rain attain the match near again out for the locker room gossip then there here’s a dry county i said what the [ __ ] is a dry county we're on stay liquor in this channel .

And that's saint us that is on the total a prison wait flip spherical they took me to [ __ ] penal complex that became the first time i had a replica of john cena tennessee grabbed me i punched him now the 2d time had one cop this white boy known as me [ __ ] i said your .

Mama [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] i purchased went to penal complex for that for this the total card derpy fan abuse delight in that became the third time i'm in my corvette one day riding on the [ __ ] in 94 i had 94 corvette and smokey mountain the woman precipitated the total money cornell paying me .

Because i became telling medicines oh i had a teal green corvette me and ricky neutral lope spherical in that buddy landing is ravishing spherical it oh yes me and the reverend buddy landau brother attain it is doubtless you’ll well bear got the leisure left to sell on the highest of the day hello rating out about rating out about rating out about rating out about at hiring your .

Have presents the attach you sitting there that [ __ ] my music became too loud no i didn't neutral get a tag i went to penal complex for music music too loud my house windows became tended too murky i said it's 30 and it became 30 because they matched the card up to it but the .

No no the again window became murky i said that's factual no longer within the corvette went to penal complex for that it became delight in lock up the [ __ ] ragged whenever they saw me bro delight in a goddamn tennessee sport whenever i came to [ __ ] metropolis ain't purchased so destructive goddamn we originate up having to circulate to the police .

Stations in just among the towns and in voice that they would take us to the point to wow after which they would grab us up and take us again to the police dispute and we get within the auto after which scurry away wow and we'll be suggested attain no longer cease at any restaurants internal the metropolis limits .

Holy [ __ ] wow you realize what i'm announcing no so i never had no snarl smoking mouth never never never going locked up never kkk no what the [ __ ] what's that never racism here’s billy williams coat 45 ticket [ __ ] remember these would get a [ __ ] inebriated and bear her the opposite plot up on your condominium with her ass up in .

The air and it is doubtless you’ll well be banging the [ __ ] out of her and she or he won't even bring it to mind aaron h erin h who’re the three most racist folks within the wrestling exchange between jeff jared and his daddy coronet likes to throw the [ __ ] notice spherical .

And doubtlessly vince yeah yes yeah lively rating out about at his locker room he hired a bunch of murky folks when folks began complaining about why he ain't purchased no murky folks after which when they open up playing he let each person scurry they purchased him on within the again of the scenes one day [ __ ] with cena and .

He accidentally known as somebody [ __ ] proper it's on this on youtube i'm a youtube [ __ ] now what number of murky wwe champions don't speak the rock but what number of murky pure murky wwe champions available within the market man heavyweight murky regular yeah [ __ ] pure murky heavyweight champions wwf i survey your .

Level k so here’s hd jones labored there for many years sb jones purchased the quickest [ __ ] pin within the history of wwf what became it delight in 17 seconds in opposition to spundy yeah yeah you realize what i'm announcing so i mean i mean you designate it's delight in it's delight in it's delight in .

What number of i mean it became rapidly no topic it became presupposed to be nine but so but i mean so i mean you realize i mean the the exchange is what the exchange is i mean that became the cause me it could per chance well cease and quit smoking mountain we we we know our scoot became up anyway but we did this perspective one evening and and and one of many uh security guys .

Did something he wasn't presupposed to attain and cornett came again to the again and in voice that they became having to aid him again because he became that destructive god rattling [ __ ] that [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] i became delight in and that i stepped across the corner delight in oh so that's what it's delight in .

I neutral delight in this with me mustafa ain't spherical i'm that bald head [ __ ] hear that huge goofy [ __ ] i'm delight in what the [ __ ] and we left ravishing after that yeah but i mean they did bro that's how they’re they is just a few racist mother and that i don't designate why and it's been [ __ ] that's done .

Went on document and said murky folks don't belong in this exchange what the [ __ ] i don't know how ravishing it is but i mean men doesn't roll with chilly without a raze in sight for a long time but then you positively realize i did the dvd smartly dusty's blocked him yeah smartly he's he he said that he became .

When i deem with invoice what somebody said scurry rating me a murky dude with charisma and dr rose said i'd be your murky man puny one oh in point of fact yeah yeah no that's ravishing that's ravishing that's ravishing that's ravishing smartly he said i need you whereas i chanced on me murky dude with .

Charisma i neutral said that he's an ibo murky man puny one the dream delight in the adolescents and all this [ __ ] yeah yeah what the [ __ ]
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Contemporary Jack shoots on Smoky Mountain Wrestling

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