Conan Lightly Ribs Florida For Deeming Pro Wrestling Essential

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Conan Lightly Ribs Florida For Deeming Pro Wrestling Essential

(Photo by Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images)

In case you haven’t been paying attention to the late-night talk show circuit over the past couple of months, your favorite 11 PM knuckleheads have returned with broadcasts straight from their homes. Conan is in that group, delivering monologue jokes in between audible cries for help and admittance that he’s going crazy in quarantine.

All and all, it’s pretty typical stuff from Mr. O’Brien, as is the jab towards Florida for putting Professional Wrestling in the same camp as workers in hospitals and grocery stores. He ends the bit with a clip of a man wrestling a gator, which this Floridian can tell you only happens in the middle of the state on weekends.

Of course, Florida governor Ron DeSantis deemed all sports eligible for essential status, Wrestling is just the only one stubborn enough to continue to take advantage. Either way, they probably deserve far worse than what Conan is packing in this late show clip.

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