Comparison of Maven: The RAW Roster’s Higher Earnings in Contrast to the SmackDown Roster, Along with Additional Updates

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In a recent interview with Pwinsider, Sonny Kiss commented on her upcoming title match with Trinity on this Thursday night’s episode of IMPACT! on AXS TV. She said,

“Trinity is absolutely fantastic. It was only a matter of time before Trinity and I wrestled. We thought, when we both heard, we kind of laughed, we thought we would be teaming up. I wouldn’t be opposed to that. Maybe that will happen. Trinity is amazing. She’s super athletic. I’ve watched her and her career for the last ten years coming up in this business and being a revolutionary, being one of the greatest women’s wrestlers that anyone has ever seen. She’s super talented, beautiful, athletic. I just knew we were going to put on a clinic. She and I come from a similar dock. Dancer, cheerleader turned wrestler. It was only a matter of time before we got in the ring with each other.“


In his latest video on YouTube, Maven commented on the difference between being on the RAW and SmackDown rosters when he was with the company.

The former WWE Tough Enough winner revealed that members of the RAW roster were paid more. He said,

“Getting back to the money aspect of it. Was it noticeably different? Slightly, I mean, you might make five to 10% more just for being on Raw. How did it work during pay-per-views, you might be asking? Well, at the time, even though we were running two different shows, Raw and SmackDown, we would all merge together and seamlessly run one pay-per-view. This was tricky because certain competitors from each brand would be vying for that heavily desired spot on the upcoming pay-per-view because as we discussed in an earlier video, at the time, and I know it’s not like this now, pay-per-view meant money. I mean, you would make so much more money if you were actually on a show than if you were sitting backstage at the monitor watching the pay-per-view. Trust me, I was on both sides of that equation, and I know I liked to be on the pay-per-view rather than in my street clothes on the day of the pay-per-view. Now if you weren’t on the pay-per-view, does that mean you didn’t get paid? No, of course not, but your pay would be greatly reduced if you weren’t on the show. Guys would vie for those positions on the pay-per-view because, obviously, you’re in this business to try to make as much money as possible and you’re in this business to prolong your career and advance your positioning. The only way to do that is on the biggest stages and those biggest stages were the pay-per-views. So, definitely better to be on the pay-per-view than sitting back in catering and transferring yourself in front of a monitor for the evening. That does not make for a good way to spend a Sunday.”

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Title: The Impact of Title Matches and Pay Differences in Professional Wrestling


Professional wrestling is a highly competitive industry that involves skilled athletes showcasing their abilities in the ring. In recent interviews, Sonny Kiss and Maven shed light on two important aspects of the wrestling world: title matches and pay differences between shows. This article explores their insights and provides an overview of these topics.

Sonny Kiss on Title Matches:

Sonny Kiss, a talented wrestler, expressed excitement about her upcoming title match against Trinity on IMPACT! on AXS TV. Kiss praised Trinity’s skills, athleticism, and revolutionary impact on women’s wrestling. Both wrestlers share a similar background as dancers and cheerleaders turned wrestlers. Kiss believes that their match will be a clinic, showcasing their abilities and the evolution of women’s wrestling.

Maven on Pay Differences:

Maven, a former WWE Tough Enough winner, shared his experiences regarding pay differences between the RAW and SmackDown rosters. He revealed that wrestlers on the RAW roster were paid slightly more, approximately 5% to 10% higher than their SmackDown counterparts. Maven also discussed the importance of being featured on pay-per-view events, as they offered higher pay compared to sitting backstage during the event. He emphasized that being on the biggest stages was crucial for career advancement and financial gain.

The Impact of Title Matches:

Title matches are significant events in professional wrestling as they determine the champions of various divisions. These matches often generate high levels of excitement among fans and provide an opportunity for wrestlers to showcase their skills and athleticism. Title matches also contribute to the overall narrative and storylines within the wrestling promotion, adding depth and intrigue to the ongoing rivalries.

Title matches can elevate a wrestler’s status within the industry, leading to increased recognition and potential opportunities for future storylines or championship reigns. Additionally, winning a title can provide financial benefits, as champions often receive higher pay and additional perks.

Pay Differences in Professional Wrestling:

Pay differences between shows, such as RAW and SmackDown, have been a topic of discussion among wrestlers. Maven’s insights shed light on the fact that being on the RAW roster generally resulted in higher pay. This discrepancy may be attributed to various factors, including the popularity and viewership of the show, the level of competition, and the overall revenue generated by each brand.

Pay-per-view events play a crucial role in a wrestler’s income. Being featured on these events allows wrestlers to earn more money compared to those who are not part of the card. Maven emphasized the desire among wrestlers to secure a spot on pay-per-views, as it not only provided financial benefits but also enhanced their career prospects.


Title matches and pay differences are two significant aspects of professional wrestling that impact both the wrestlers and the overall industry. Title matches provide an opportunity for wrestlers to showcase their skills and athleticism while contributing to the ongoing storylines and rivalries. Pay differences between shows and the importance of being featured on pay-per-view events highlight the financial aspect of the wrestling business. As fans continue to enjoy the excitement and drama of professional wrestling, these factors will continue to shape the industry and the careers of its athletes.