Comparing Deadbeat Dads: The Gunns Reflect on Their Father’s Actions

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During a recent interview with, The Gunns opined on deadbeat dads in the wrestling business, with the duo saying they have a lot in common with Dominik Mysterio as it pertains to their fathers.

Colten Gunn believes his father’s bond with The Acclaimed makes him the more deadbeat of the two dads in question.


You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

Austin on sharing a connection with Dominik Mysterio: “This is why we connect with Dom so much and get along so much with Dom. Both of our dads are deadbeat dads. I think they’re tied.”

Colten on the Gunn patriarch’s rank in the deadbeat competition: “I honestly think maybe ours because Rey didn’t adopt a new kid and start running around with him. Whereas our dad just adopted two new kids and won titles with them and is scissoring on national TV and making all this merch. I don’t see Rey doing that. He’s still upset that his kid is not with him. Our dad, I don’t even think he remembers our names. So I’m going with Billy Gunn.”

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In a recent interview with, The Gunns, a professional wrestling duo, discussed the issue of deadbeat dads in the wrestling business. They compared their own experiences with Dominik Mysterio, highlighting the similarities they share with him regarding their fathers.

Colten Gunn expressed his belief that his father’s relationship with The Acclaimed makes him the more deadbeat dad among the two in question. This statement sheds light on the personal experiences and perspectives of these wrestlers.

The Gunns emphasized their connection with Dominik Mysterio, as both of their fathers have been absent from their lives. This shared experience has created a bond between them and Dominik. They believe that their fathers are equally negligent in their roles as dads.

Colten Gunn further elaborated on why he considers his own father to be more of a deadbeat dad. He pointed out that Rey Mysterio, Dominik’s father, did not adopt new children and engage in various activities like his own father did. Colten’s father adopted two new kids, won titles with them, and even performed controversial acts on national television. Colten does not believe that Rey Mysterio would engage in such behavior. He also mentioned that his father seems to have forgotten their names, further emphasizing his absence from their lives.

The interview provides an interesting perspective on the personal lives of these wrestlers and sheds light on the challenges they have faced due to absent fathers. It highlights the impact of parental neglect on individuals, even in the world of professional wrestling.

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