Combat Zone Wrestling Issues Statement On ‘Top Heavy & Tough’ PPV Name

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Combat Zone Wrestling Issues Statement On ‘Top Heavy & Tough’ PPV Name


Photo Credit: Combat Zone Wrestling

Combat Zone Wrestling isn’t apologizing for its widely criticized pay-per-view being called “CZW Girlz: Top Heavy & Tough,” but it is offering an explanation.

The pay-per-view event, which features Shanna vs. Hannia, Sassy Stephanie vs. Tessa Blancherd, Cherry Bomb vs. Leva Bates, and Athena vs. Nia Barela, had come under fire from both wrestlers and fans for its raunchy name. LuFisto notably said it sounded like softcore porn and was disgusted by the title. Now the promotion is telling fans the same thing that LuFisto was told, that an unnamed third party has the rights and is repackaging footage.

“Two years ago, CZW entered into a licensing agreement with a national media distributor to license CZW and WSU footage,” the promotion wrote on Twitter. “That company has the right to utilize the footage without limitation. They have repackaged and renamed shows as it is their right to do so. Our athletes, regardless of gender, are just that, athletes, whom we are proud of and appreciate. We stand behind the ring action in all our footage.”

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