Colt Cabana On Podcast Return; Tells Aspiring Wrestlers To ‘Learn Everything’

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Colt Cabana On Podcast Return; Tells Aspiring Wrestlers To ‘Learn Everything’

AEW Dynamite Colt Cabana

Photo: All Elite Wrestling

If anyone knew how to keep himself afloat (and relevant) during his extensive tenure on wrestling’s independent scene, it was undoubtedly Colt Cabana and the AEW star gave some strong knowledge to toss out there to anybody who wants to get involved in the business.

Cabana joined Bryan Alvarez and Mike Sempervive of “Wrestling Observer Live” to talk about the rebirth of his ground-breaking Art Of Wrestling podcast which fired back up earlier this month. Colt discussed going back to the old format he used to have for the show which turns out to be a lot easier now since he’s with AEW and his guests are all from there. Alvarez asked if Colt is manning the entire ship of his show or if he’s getting a little help from his friends in the production process.

“It’s more of I’m a control freak I would say,” said Cabana. “In that sense, I do everything and over the years so many grateful amazing wrestling fans have reached out and were like, ‘Can I help? Can I do graphics? Can I do editing? Can I do sound?’ And I’ve had like real professionals who’ve gone through better than better schoolings saying ‘I will help you’ and a lot asking for free and I don’t necessarily want anyone’s help for free, but it’s just I really want to control everything so I taught myself how to edit, I taught myself how to Garage Band, I’ve taught myself Photoshop. I kind of have my hand in everything.”

Colt then followed up saying how important it is for anyone aspiring to get into the business to harbor those aforementioned skills as well as the immense value to learning a new language, citing the benefit it had for some of his current colleagues in the All Elite trenches.

“You have to have a grasp of all of these things. I know you just want to learn how to be a wrestler, but you need to learn how to video edit, you need to learn how to do Photoshop, learn different languages and this is advice for you’re 16 or 17, I hated school. I really didn’t like school but if Matt Hardy at the time had told me ‘Colt, I know you’re in school right now, learn Spanish because you can then become a megastar in CMLL if you want to’ and then you look at people like Jack Evans and Angelico who are stars in AEW now, but for years were able to just be in Mexico and be bigger stars because they knew the language so yeah, I taught myself the other stuff and I recommend people who want to get into wrestling is just learn everything.”

(Transcription credit should go to @DominicDeAngelo of WrestleZone)

You can check out a clip of Colt’s interview below:

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