Colt Cabana Finished With Ring of Honor After Final Battle

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Colt Cabana Finished With Ring of Honor After Final Battle

colt cabana

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Colt Cabana’s 2019 is certainly a notable one. Not only did he cease production on his trendsetting podcast after a decade, but he’s also moving on once again from what many see as his home promotion. POST Wrestling is reporting that Cabana is done with ROH following his match with Alex Shelley on last night’s Final Battle card. It’s said that ROH officials knew in September that Colt was leaving.

Although primarily commentating on matches in his most recent run, Colt has a storied history with ROH, with several runs broken up only significantly by his brief stint in WWE as Scotty Goldman. He is a two time ROH Tag Team Champion alongside former best friend CM Punk.

The end of Colt’s ROH run doesn’t mean that he’ll be out of the spotlight. Cabana recently appeared in New Japan in a tag team, getting a win over the Guerrillas of Destiny, who are their current tag champs. Colt will also be defending his NWA National Championship at tonights Into The Fire PPV, and all signs indicate that he’ll be a star player in NWA going forward.

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